Are you fed up with spending excess time or money (possibly both), reading articles, books, or listening to experts that don’t provide you with specific steps on how you can actually perform better and get what you really want?

Have you approached new opportunities without receiving sufficient returns?

Do you ever asked yourself, “why aren’t people using me?” Are you curious what people are thinking (or saying) behind your back? Perhaps you wonder what really makes people tick.

Perhaps you agree when people say “just wait for the market to correct itself, give it time.” But the truth is your time is precious. Too precious to lose. Not being more successful is burning up irreplaceable resources.

While the fatality rate of new businesses soars to all time new highs, some businesses are booming. Just look at Otto’s or Safety Culture. Both organisations are growing to massive valuations during this downturn driven by amazing individual and team performance. 

To get that kind of growth, we don’t need more content. Our printed and social media is full of content. In fact we are flooded with generalized content that waste our time, meanwhile we are starved of quality focused information on our specific situations and needs.

Here is an opportunity for you to enter or accelerate you further into the growth spiral. Not just surviving, but thriving.  We do that by getting focused and specific with your situation and needs.

And this is completely relevant to your personal and business lives.

I’m offering for Small Business Owners, BNI Members, Sales and BD professionals a direct and 100% honest personality & behavioural feedback  assessment package which will highlight to you precise action steps, tactics and strategies for raising your game. Accelerating you into the growth spiral. 100% focused on you.


The Personality, Behaviour and Emotional Intelligence Package Includes:


Full Personality/Behavioural Assessment


  • This book is worth it’s weight in gold as it is designed and built off your assessment results. It’s based off the information you put in. Hence if you give it honest answers you fill find the book very powerful.
  • It identifies your personality flaws
  • Your biggest weakness
  • Suggestions on how to counter balance these
  • How to handle opposite personality types
  • How to identify and win the support of all personality type
  • Action steps, potential area’s to improve, behavioural tendencies and much much more


Also going to through in an optional Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Assessment. Optional as some people may find the results rather confronting.


Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Assessment


  • Your Emotional Intelligence Inventory & Overall Score
  • Your Emotional Intelligence Quadrant
  • Recommendations for improving Self Recognition and Self Awareness
  • Recommendations for improving Social Recognition
  • Recommendations for improving Self Management
  • Recommendations for improving Social Management


Intangible Value Magnifiers.


  • 2 x 70 min “What people aren’t telling you but should” Strategy Session (valid for 55 days after initial assessment)
  • 6months of short follow up education segments expanding your ability to connect close and move towards self mastery.  (Includes 26 emails + videos)
  • 2 x 10-minute  “I am stuck and need help now” Tactical Sessions (valid for 55 days after initial assessment)



Buy ALL THIS now for $499 AUD.

Paypal Adrian $499AUD

(For those that aren’t used to Paypal, buying through Paypal gives you an extra layer of protection and guarantee. You may also use your visa or many other bank cards easily through it)


Bank Transfer: Bank of Queensland, Adrian Cahill, BSB: 124001 AC: 20592679


Within 24 hours of receipt of payment you will receive your assessment links.

There is generally a 2 -3 week wait for Strategy Sessions, but if needed urgently please call me (Adrian) directly on 0432170578 or email   For Tactical Sessions, again just call me and if you don’t get through, leave clear instructions.

Tactical Session phone calls are always returned withing 24hours. I’m a Coach it’s what I do. Assist you the best I can to help you unlock your potential.


Warmest Regards
Adrian Cahill


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