Life as a FIFO worker presents challenges most people don’t get.
For a lot of these challenges you are by yourself. And you don’t have to be.

What I personally do with my clients is ‘coach’. Help them achieve more. Help them master their inner game, access flow states, creativity, think outside the box. I’ve help many guys make their first million and saved many from divorce.
Coaching is a collaborative, thought-provoking discussion designed to move people forward. Some coaches, such as myself have more training than clinical psychologist and choose the coaching route for various reasons. One of my key reasons was watching my half brother struggle with depression at Ravenswood Gold. Coaching provided an intervention with lasting results in a fraction of the time.

Coaching vs Psychology for FIFO?

Which is better for you depends on your values and the coach/psych available. For those with less financial backing, Medicare can give a rebate for registered psychologists however as part of their registration the psychologist have to the government agenda of the day over clients. If your values conflict with theirs, technically they should be pushing the government agenda.

Coaching on the other hand is unregulated. Anyone can call themselves a coach so the FIFO worker needs to ensure the coach has real training. Generally the easiest thing to do simply ask/check for their Linkedin or Professional Bio. Most coaches in their first years have limited training, if you see 10 years, multiple courses, you are looking at what I would call a ‘real coach’.

As a FIFO worker, accessing confidential Psychologist and Therapist support is very hard. Coaching is simply far more flexible and with faster results.

What I have is not just my coaching, I also have a small collection of Coaches, Therapists, Psychologists based around the world that could work for you.
Through Zoom or Telephone, you can work with me or one of my experts at a time that suits you!

Helping you achieve balance, love, wealth, health,

Helping you get clear of divorce, addictions, procrastination, or what ever challenges you face.

An example:

One of my past clients would call me from the airport in between swings.

We would have like a debrief call, an unwind, become present, then look and plan forward. We would have strategic discussions on how to get his own needs met so he could then make things better with the misses and kids. He initially thought he had to ‘push’ through the obstacles/barriers but we found another way and he started to have major breakthroughs. Over a couple of months everything turned around and some of the things we did included:
Collapsed numerious old emotional triggers (takes 30min to disarm a trigger forever). Some things his wife did were triggering him, yet she actually loved him but she wasn’t coping as well as she used to. Some of this work really brought him and her to new levels of consciousness, connection and deep fulfilment.
Stopped procrastinating on important steps. As he was often shagged from work, he was constantly avoiding and often unconsciously setting up obstacles to avoid important tasks.
We removed tobacco addiction completely.  Over 20 years of smoking history ended over a period of 4 weeks with no stress!
We reduced alcohol consumption by 80%. He wanted to be able to continue having drinks but just stop at one or two.
Started moving forward on his real purpose in life. Feeling deeply fulfilled with life is a precious gift we can all experience.

Lets have a chat:

I have wonderful people around the world that support our work, meaning if you want someone you can see at midnight our time, it can be an easily done. It starts with a chat.

Email or call to discuss what you would like to do.

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