Helping startups, small business and a variety of consultants in Shanghai

Entrepreneurship can be a complicated field to enter. Especially in China. Walking in its path without any preparation will be such a risk which is magnified in a foreign landscape and often expatriates want a quick and effective solution which may be easy in the West, but not so in the East.

This is where SmallChina comes in and I’m really delighted to share this. You can have your own website, Bio, or even sell your consultation/coaching/training services/products on a Chinese server, in HOURS! And, it gets better. It looks better than when you do it yourself, far better, for just a couple of hundred dollars.

There are a couple of elements to SmallChina secret sauce. (Which isn’t really secret anymore).

  1. Staff are expatriate and driven by passion.
  2. Your website becomes like Now this is not cool in the West because we think is best. But in China .cn is clearly better. The process of getting a .cn and a Chinese server cost hundreds to thousands of dollars more than a .com you also need registered company etc etc.
  3. is featured as part of a highly passionate, experienced, dedicated community so the element will dramatically increase your exposure. (possibly eliminating any need for SEO)
  4. If you do post your link in forums, on Linked etc. it brings more credibility than a unless you are like a B2B or a MNC (B2B and MNC generally have 50k + Marketing budgets anyway)

Expanding a few points: is a community nurtured by Sinaweb. They offer fast-loading China-based access. All there sites load far faster than highly optimized .com sites which can easily be blocked.
They help you gain followers which is very convenient.

You don’t need to create your own WeChat Official Account. have their own WeChat Official Account which even offers a mini-program directory. It is simple and convenient access and sharing.

Aside from that, they also have their headquarters in the heart of Shanghai. They provide convenient rates and organize events that can help you connect and engage with your local community. Their community also provides different services depending on the amount you are willing to provide. (I’ve spoken there before, have a site and I had the founder Tommaso come and speak to a handful of coaches on how to start coaching businesses in China in record time!)

The platform of this organization is all about unity and collaboration. If you want to be a consultant or start a business in China contact Tommaso or the staff at directly.

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