MP3 Recording, The 5 Success Principles, by Adrian Cahill

Results: If you are new to personal development (PD) or not following these 5, this could be a game changer! If you are well into PD skip this.

I recorded this many YEARSSSSS ago.  A 7 minute voice recording, great for listening on the way to work and just check in a week later to see how many of the 5 you are implementing on a daily basis.

The Best Coaching Book I’ve EVER Read Listened to!

Results: Be a better leader, manager, Coach. 

Despite my formal training, it’s good to continue learning. I was struggling to find a Coaching Mentor or high level book to read about coaching then I stummbled upon this. The Audible version here is fantastic. It sounds great. It’s easy to listen to and I listen to it while riding my bike around my city going to different Coaching appointments and Entrepreneur events. IT WAS A LIFE CHANGING WEEK. Check it out.


Free Download – Trial Balance

Result: BECOME RICH AND FINANCIALLY FREE. Most people won’t do this, and most people are not wealthy! Every wealthy/financially successful client I’ve worked with have their own way of tracking their net wealth and accounts. If your net wealth is low, this IS A GAME CHANGER provided you keep doing perhaps monthly or at least quarterly.

How to do it:

  1. Schedule to do your Trial Balance every 4 weeks. Make it a habit like every 4th Monday Morning.
  2. The first time you do it, there may be reluctance. 2nd time it gets interesting. 3rd time your moving.
  3. Consider delaying paying off loans with small interest if that money can be better spent in buying investments that provide more cash flow than the interest. Perhaps invest in yourself as that may just lead to exponential results.
  4. General rule, minimize expenses & depreciating assets. Maximize revenue and appreciating assets.
  5. Most peoples expenses increase inline with every pay increase. As soon as they earn more, they spend more.
  6. Being good with money is a discipline, committing & doing this activity will dramatically assist your financial security.
  7. After this activity, if we want to be wealthy, we will concentrate on improving our Financial knowledge.
  8. High Risk High Return is BULLSHIT. Risk does not equal return. You need to put in more effort to get higher return, risk is one of many factors.
 2020 UPDATE. Have a Money Mindset Course, 10 sessions using tools and strategies like this as well as NLP exercises to reengineer your brain around holistic wealth creation.

Free Download – Values Chart

Results: Gain a clarity on what is important to you NOW. Develop a plan and direction for the weeks ahead. Increase your efficiency. Reduce procrastination/self sabotage.  

I call this exercise a Value Trial Balance. Investors and Accountants often do Trial Balance of their accounts. This is Trial Balance which encompasses the most vital aspects of your life.

You may want to change Work into 2 squares. Career and Finances as they are separate for many people.

You could also make this into a shorten goals sheet. In a different color pen, write short specific things you can do to boost the specific areas. Full instructions on the file.


Free Download – Reprogramming or Journaling Diary

Print out 21 of these guys and your seriously going to reprogramming your old thinking patterns!

Free Download – The Grow Model, A Framework for a Coaching Conversation

A simple Coaching Model used in basic Coach Training. Goals, Resources, Opportunities, Way forward.

Feel free to download, print and use in your coaching or personal development workshops.

Free ENHANCED Myers-Briggs Type Test

Almost EVERYONE is MISLEAD by their MYBT results! It’s incredibly misleading. People are categorized as E or an I and the difference can be big, only people aren’t E or I. It varies on the context AND even then it varies to the depth. Test give results of E or I, but it’s the % that is important!! E100% and E51% are VERY different yet most test would just say E. Whats your real score? What does it really mean? I go into more depth here.

Get curious HERE with the test and a better explanation. Pivotal for entrepreneurs.


Take this Money and Wealth Beliefs Test.  This test originated using belief statements in PSYCH-K yet as I used PSYCH-K and NLP for Coaching I found the belief statements to be falling behind. Multimillionaires were, according to PSYCH-K, believing the wrong things. It made me curious so I looked deeper. Success leaves clues. I made this test so anyone can use it to raise awareness of their own beliefs.

Wealth and Money Beliefs Test

Are You Ready For The Next Stage In Your Life

Here I made an Enlightened Relationship and Esteem Test. This will give you a clear indicator of areas where self work may be required. Most people settle for low quality relationships. The relationship you have with yourself is one that is within your control. Use this to help you pinpoint what to work on. Feel free to complete and ask for a consultation. 

Enlightened Relationship and Esteem Test

Advanced NLP Coaching Skills and NLP for Business

Very proud to share our upcoming NLP trainings. In 2013 we held coach training and NLP trainings in Shanghai. We’ve grown and now hold 7 to 9 day Bootcamps. Originally they  were retreats but by day 3 our first one  it was clear, it was far more like a Bootcamp with Hypnsos work at Sunrise and people developing their coaching businesses till late at night. (And a ton of fun in between)

NLP Coaching Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner are held together in Bali January and July 2020. While NLP for Business is held in Hong Kong October 2020. Check for more details or our YOOPAY page

Rapid Health Recovery, 21 minutes of bliss

This is a guided hypnotic journey or an active meditation. Created to help friends, clients, and students through Covid times. This track, if listened to several times will train your unconscious to heal itself faster and faster. All you need to do is relax and repeat the track a few times, everything will take care of itself.

Can be done prior to bed, can be done while experiencing symptoms.

Hypnotic Recovery Shower to Wash Away…

“This is amazing, I used this for flu symptoms. Almost all of my sympmotoms became more manageable and I was completely healed in 3 days. It was so good I gave it to my mum and dad when they had covid. Sadly my dad is closed minded but my mum used it and she is now listening to more of Adrians work.” Bruce Campbell Townsville.  

Hypnotic Gratitude Process for Evenings

This is a guided hypnotic journey or an active meditation. We start by lowering the brain waves and then beginning a process of envisioning many things that we feel bring gratitude into our lives. The Process itself lasts for about 18 minutes and the music continues for a total of 60 minutes. This particular track is amplified with binaural beats and suggestions for a deep relaxing sleep. While you can use this track effectively for a mid-day nap, this track will probably leave you slow and perhaps groggy so best to use it as you’re going to bed, and allow yourself to drift away gently. If you use speakers instead of earphones, that is perfectly ok, however, all binaural beats work best with earphones.

Hypnotic Gratitude to Deep Sleep Track

“A friend of mine referred me to Adrian as I was suffering anxiety attacks, chronic stress and severe fatigue. After hearing of his work I called him and we began the following day. His coaching and hypnosis tracks changed everything. My Apple Watch told me I was getting an average of 15 minutes of deep sleep per night. The very first night after starting with Adrian my sleep doubled, then tripled and a week later I was averaging an hour a night. After a 2nd session and repeatedly using the sleep hypnosis, I’m now very happy to be averaging around 2 hours of deep sleep per night. While we still have more to go, anxiety is down and I no longer get anxiety attacks.” Evan Yang, Zurich. 

Hypnotic Gratitude Practice MORNINGS

This is a guided hypnotic journey or an active meditation. We start by lowering the brain waves, and then beginning a process of envisioning many things that we feel bring gratitude into our lives. The Process itself lasts for about 15 minutes and the music continues for a total of 60 minutes. This particular track is amplified with binaural beats and which will leave you feeling UP in energy ready for your day.

Hypnotic Circle of Gratitude Morning or Day