Our mind is something so deep that we can’t comprehend right away what it wants. It is a complicated system managing our personality, emotions and feelings. It is what makes us unique from others. Managing these turbulent sensations is not that easy especially when you are doing it alone.

This is why Babiana Rueda Bueno wanted to help these individuals who are struggling in keeping it all together. She uses a therapeutic approach called Psychogenealogy. The method all about understanding one’s ancestral patterns. Her workshops are full of honesty, humor, and relevant experiences that help one to understand specific topics.

Bibiana will be guiding you in a complete reconstructive experience in order to let go of the past and open you to a more gratifying present and future. During her speech at Motivateshanghai, she was able to inspire a lot of individuals. She did an amazing job in sharing them this holistic approach that can help the people become emotionally healthy.

Babiana is a renowned psychologist who wants to help. Toxicity and pessimism will be right off the bat because of this method. The end goal of her approach is to live a life which allows one to fulfill your purpose and ultimately, to be what you are, unique and extraordinary expressions of universal energy – your authentic selves.

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