Coach to Investor?

What the hell was I thinking!

Let me share a story about how this came about.

I remember sitting in the passenger seat of my best mates new Commodore SS Ute.

He just bought it with a wad of hard earned cash.

Meanwhile I had bought a bicycle from Toy World and 2 townhouses nearby.

Anyhow, there we were, driving in the nice new SS Ute to a friends place when I got a phone call from the bank.

The valuations had come in on my 2 townhouses.

In less than 18months I went from a net worth of $2,000 to creating my first $100,000.

Despite the awesomeness, there is something else you must know.

My best mate, didn’t always have this ute. In fact he had an old bomb. And I blew it up. While he was away, he left me his car to use and while I was using it, the head gasket cracked.

He was going to buy an investment property with his money but returning home with no car he ‘had to’ buy a new one right away. And then peer pressure or something got to him, but he ended up with this SS Ute which was depreciating while the property market boomed around him. Now I’m sitting in his car, having received that phone call, knowing my net worth is now over 100k and his is probably in the red.

How would you feel?

Perhaps you have a story like this.

Perhaps others say to you something like:

“You were lucky”

To anyone that said I was lucky I like to reply, bullshit.

I was lucky to be born in Australia, but since puberty I’ve been responsible for my own decisions. I got ‘lucky’ cause I took action.

Financially intelligence was and still is the name of the game. I always had a Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet or investment book in my bag, I read them most nights while the boys were having fun. Weekends were the busiest times checking out properties and studying the realestate guide (There was no then). I would study and work while they had fun and slept in, yet after I made the money they said I was lucky. When I said to them about starting, they made up excuses like it’s too late, they can’t afford to, or they don’t know how.

Over the years, while I was still an investor (and working a job) I tried to push, advise and lead my friends to invest. It seemed no matter how obvious or easy it was, they wouldn’t do it. Sometimes there would be progress. Now I’m in my mid 30’s and I’m still hearing excuses! Only now my mate with his ute, has to provide for a wife and kids and fuel for 2 cars.

It shouldn’t take too much for you to figure our my motivation for becoming a coach. I’ll tell you quick though, don’t compare me to the ‘coaches’ you already know. It’s different as you will see.

For starters, the biggest challenge for me has been that coaching, is a ridiculously hard profession to succeed at. By succeed, I mean to coach, get paid for it, and have clients that leave fantastic references, endorsements and recommend you to their friends.

The average life coach in Australia, makes less then 30k. I believe it’s highly inaccurate. Most life coaches I know make less than 10k. Hence there may be many in the space, but they are not in it for long, or they have other full time jobs. For me, entering this path was one of the worst financial decisions of my life. Which is partly why I wrote this page!

Yet it’s also extremely rewarding. Also, there is a small percentage of coaches which figure it out. I am happy to say I am one of the ones succeeding.

I can tell you, from the bottom of my heart, I’ve seen 95% of my fellow classmates on my coaching course drop out or achieve less than minimum wage for their work. And I can tell you, if it’s free advice or free coaching is not valued. If you’re interested in going down a kind of professional coaching pathway, please give me a call. I’ll spill the beans on anything and help you win.

As an investor going down a coaching pathway should take a lot of deep thought and conversations with people doing the do.

As an investor thinking about coaching, well that should be a no brainer. Professional coaching is something strongly worth considering. With an ROI that compounds exponentially who wouldn’t consider it. We can all take guesses as to what 1K into the stock market will be worth 10 years, but ask someone to drop 1k into their personal development, and you may get an answer like; but that sounds risky!

Anyhow, you got to look for 3 things in becoming or using a Professional Coach:

  • Track record of success.

    Linkedin, Testimonials with names that you can check, perhaps ask to speak to some of their clients.

  • Formal Accreditation

    If they don’t have any, they are probably a mentor, or advisor and they don’t have the same skill base. An accredited coach, accredited with the ICF, will have you going WOW, I understand now, you’re so different to that guy that called himself a coach last week.

  • Experience working in the area you want to excel in

    If you want to excel in investing, with women, setting up a location free business, then I can help you cause that’s where I’ve personally had fantastic results. If you want to get into politics, look for someone that’s been there. (And I know someone for Politics or climbing the corporate ladder based in Brisbane/Sydney)

I would like to share with you, one more story.

When I was in my job and investing, I was extremely focused. And the results backed it up. Problem was that I was so focused there, that my relationships were not the best. One sour relationship and I lost most of everything I had built. I was 26 and that was an amazing kick in the groin. Very quickly life hit rock bottom.

I didn’t know it at the time, but my emotional intelligence and relationship skills were pretty low. Now I’m actually not sure if it was low, or just not high enough to achieve what I wanted to achieve. I wanted to be a multi millionaire with a fantastic wife and kids. Looking at current divorce rates… I’m probably not the only investor that’s been there.

Now back to my crisis! At rock bottom, I was put into a counseling group. Kind of like a ‘Dads in Distress’ or Alcoholics group. I was surrounded by men that had been through similar things to me, only most of their situations were rougher than mine. What I saw was incredibly ugly. And sad. I didn’t want to be there. I really didn’t want to be hurting like those poor men. Going through divorce, splitting assets, losing access to kids, battling alcohol abuse and depression.

I got the advice I needed. Oh my I listened to ensure I got the hell out of there and wouldn’t have to go back. I got the help I needed and started to turn my life around pretty quick after that.

I started a regular exercise routine, found ways to create a social life. Started to date women. I became a little more popular. After some more time, I even started to enjoy that exercise and enjoy going to new places to meet new people. I was an introvert starting to enjoy extrovert behavior. I started to get laid like a rock star. But suddenly I realised something.

“If I don’t learn how to handle relationships and my own emotions better, I may well end up hurting myself and others over and over again!”

To this realisation, I started studying Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and more. I traveled some 70 countries around the world while studying and learning the skills to do this NLP thing to help others reprogram their mind and many more cool stuff. Sometime later enrolling in a Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching which took over two years full time work to achieve. Now finally…… I made it, an internationally recognised Coach(ICF), Advanced Diploma, Master NLP, and a small business where all I do is coach and train.

“Coaching is simply a new set of methodologies, the conversation, the structure, the platform for you to gain the Self Mastery and the Neuro Leadership advantage you desire.”

Just in case you’re interested in being a Coach, I often include additional resources for learning how you can coach others and be the best possible influence for those around you. If you’re like many people in my city, watching and copying what I do. GET a COACH. You can not successfully be a coach without being coached.

Click here to see how easy it is to get the experience….

3 questions for you:

  • Would you like to stop procrastination, perhaps forever?

  • Do you want to avoid poverty or double your net wealth?

  • Do you want to stop waking up tired and start waking up happy with energy?

You could save years of time, uncountable energy and resources of not only yours, but also that of those people around you.

8 out of 10 people will just talk and complain about problems endlessly until they end up settling.
I know I’ve been there before and you probably have to.
What I use is a solid proven system which is a combination of NLP, Positive Psychology & ICF Coaching. It’s low risk. It’s worked for thousands of people. It can work for you and it’s guaranteed.
Coaching ICF2

Now with 8 out of 10 people settling on their problems, that leaves just 20% to not settle or to take action to change.
I will only work one on one with the later 20%. Those that are action takers and don’t want to settle for a half decent life.
If you’re unsure about where you are now, that’s fine. I share materials here with everyone. If you could please share this or another page with your friends! By simply sharing this perhaps someone else would like to give it a go. We’re all having challenges at some point, right?

For the 20% of action takers,

I would love to talk over Skype, mobile or face to face.

Skype / Wechat: Adriannqld

International Phone: +61 28011 3118


(In working with any coach look for endorsements and recommendations on LinkedIn + ICF membership).

investor to coach Adrian
NLP Coach Certified