Coach to Investor?

What the hell was I thinking!

Let me share a story about how this came about.

In the year 2000 I made the decision to become financially free. I saved hard and joined the Army. I put all my focus onto reading investment books, studying the marketing. I began my career knowing very well that as soon as I had enough cash, I would buy an investment property, and then more.

In the Army, I was a little bit of an outcast because the boys would have drinks and buy nice things. And I was focused on saving and reading. Fortunatly I had a younger soldier friend who got it and on weekends, we went looking for investment properties. All my research gave me a very strong sense that the town we were posted to was at the start of a property boom. After looking at so many places I bought my first investment property with confidence. My friend came close to buying a property as well but something happened. He left me his car while he went home to visit his family. I used his car for the week and the head gasket cracked. The car was already old and it was a bomb, but it basically blew up with me. He says it blew up with me because I was probably gentle with it. Still, I felt responsible. I would happily give him some compensation but he went and bought an expensive new sports car.

The following years, I watched him and many of my colleagues buy nice cars, have nice holidays, spend their money while my investment properties grew. Most the guys I worked with ended up buying a family home towards the end of the growth cycle. Most of them became pretty stuck in the rat race.

Most of them said I was lucky. And I was. I was lucky to find the information that lead me on the growth path.

It’s not that I was fortunate to invest at the right time. I did the work and grew while others played.

I learned how to invest in property, stocks, options, ETFs. Anyone can grow their FQ/FI Financial Intelligence.

Around 2006 I went through a divorce and it became pretty ugly. I lost half, and became a bit obsessed with alcohol, women and having fun.

But I was fortunate! A friend, Leslie from Paris gave me a book, Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Gommen. This book introduced me to EQ/EI Emotional Intelligence.

I realised, if one can spend a few years developing FQ, then perhaps I should spend a few years developing EQ.

Further, I already believe that everyone should develop their FQ. So now I recognise that everyone should develop their EQ.

From that point on, I shifted focus to EQ. EQ took the front seat, and I found myself travelling the world, learning from spiritual and professional trainers in a variety of countries and becoming a world class coach and trainer.

Today I get to help a lot of intelligent people develop their EQ so they can create more holistic wealth, health and fulfillment. So many people today are sacrificing their health, their families and more to be financially independent but the wealthiest people know, time is the most limited resource. Not money. You only have one life.

As an investor, is it time to put more resources into your EQ, your relationships, your family, heart, mind soul?

3 things to look for in hiring a Professional Coach:

  • Track record of success.

    Linkedin, Testimonials with names that you can check, perhaps ask to speak to some of their clients.

  • Formal Accreditation

    If they don’t have any, they are probably a mentor, or advisor and they don’t have the same skill base. Professional coaches get accredited with the ICF. Perhaps 90% of coaches are NOT accredited.

  • Experience working in the area you want to excel in

    If you want to excel in investing, with women, setting up a location free business, then I can help you cause that’s where I’ve personally had fantastic results.

    If you want to get into politics, look for someone that’s been there, its not me.

3 questions for you:

  • Would you like to stop procrastination, perhaps forever?

  • Do you want to stop waking up tired and start waking up happy with energy?

  • Do you want a truely satisfying life?

You could save years of time, uncountable energy and resources of not only yours, but also that of those people around you.

8 out of 10 people will just talk and complain about problems endlessly until they end up settling.
I know I’ve been there before and you probably have to.
What I use is a solid proven system which is a combination of NLP, Positive Psychology & ICF Coaching. It’s low risk. It’s worked for thousands of people. It can work for you and it’s guaranteed.
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For the action takers,

I would love to talk over Skype, mobile or face to face.

Skype / Whatsapp / Wechat: Adriannqld

International Phone: +61 432 170 578


(In working with any coach look for endorsements and recommendations on LinkedIn + ICF membership).

investor to coach Adrian
NLP Coach Certified