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Adrian was born in 1980 in Australia. Life started pretty normal but at 8 years old his family did something that many people thought was crazy. They sold the house, bought a caravan and went traveling. What was originally planned to be a 6 month trip ended up being 4 years traveling around Australia. It provided a different kind of education, one that money couldn’t buy.

While traveling Adrian and his sister were having their first lessons on money. Evaluating caravan parks (price, extras, discounts, features), calculating daily living costs, traveling expenses (petrol and expected distances per tank), and much more. While many children were getting pocket money, Adrian was out and about looking for opportunities to create it. Collecting recyclables, helping in the caravan parks, being creative to earn money and have some adventure.

When the family stopped traveling, they settled in Queensland. Here Adrian quickly established a routine of washing the neighbourhood cars and even employed some of his friends. As you can imagine, this is entrepreneurship being born.

As soon as Adrian was legally allowed to work (14) he started his first official job on a family friends farm. Farm work, for a young skinny teenager can be hard work life which really motivated him to NEVER work on a farm again! After High School, Adrian studied for a Diploma of Business with the simple goal of avoiding farms forever.

While studying for the Diploma, Adrian was a standby labourer for roughly 15 different companies around town. In order to join the different companies smoothly, or perhaps just a side effect, Adrian developed enhanced flexibility, adaptability and a natural easy going personality to connect with a great range of people. Still to this day, you will see him communicating with people all around him, even in China.

After acquiring the Diploma of Business, Adrian worked for one year as a Assistant Manager for a fast food chain, getting hands-on responsibility with staff management. Perhaps more importantly though, he started investing his money in the Australian Share Market. Adrian learned to trade through self study. He developed a passion for self study as he realised the Diploma in Business actually taught him very little about about creating real wealth. Also, the book stores were full of authors who had made millions or created huge admirable success.

Despite being a good saver, Adrian knew that the Assistant Manager Position simply was not able to provide enough cashflow to create the wealth he desired. It was time for a change.

Just a couple of weeks before his 21st Birthday Adrian had begun training for what was to be a 7-year career in Communications Management for the Australian Army. This was not compulsory however the salary and living conditions would allow larger investments. Also it was a career which utilized the core traits of honesty, loyalty, leadership and commitment. Throughout these 7 years, great experience was gained in a series of roles from Trainee, to Corporal, to acting Regimental Signals Officer. Tasks and responsibilities naturally grew. From being trained to training groups of up to 30 Soldiers. During the last 2 years of Adrian’s Army career he was responsible for the communications training and management for a Engineering Regiment which covered over 400 people across 2 states. Within these military years Adrian deployed to East Timor and Afghanistan working with a variety of International Forces (UN, ISAF, .NL, .FR, .US, .NZ, Australian Police, East Timor Police and more)

At the end of 2008, the Global Financial Crisis began while he was in Afghanistan. Despite being there, he and his best friends were investing in the stock market. Fortunately, they saw the crash starting and were able to pull out, and later re-invest. This enabled him to basically be Financially Free by 28.

Have you ever heard of the game “CashFlow 101” by Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad?

Well this is the point where Adrian’s exited ‘the rat race’. When revenue from investments were exceeding expenses. From here he could continue focused on money but instead, it was a turning point where he moved from pursuing physical wealth to pursuing happiness.

What do you do when you become Financially Free?

Adrian left the Army, left Australia, and went off on an adventure like none other collecting experience, finding happiness and so much more.

Business Coach in Shanghai China

Since then Adrian has:

  • Spent a week living in a mud hut in Masai Mara Africa. The only white person to EVER venture through many of the surrounding villages.
  • Slept in Temples and Meditation centers across Asia.
  • Travelled with Father Ned, a famous Priest in the Philippines twice visiting remote schools and communities.
  • Spent time in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Oman, Iran, Iraq, Israel, as well as the Eastern Block.
  • Hitched rides across Georgia, later crossing remote borders from Turkey into north Iraq and later Iran.
  • Travelled over 70 countries across the world.
  • Hitch Hiked from Switzerland to Barcelona via Italy for his 30th Birthday and returned via Andorra, Lyon.
  • Visited hospitals in 8 countries.
  • Became a Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), which is something like Positive Psychology. He has helped people have life-changing moments, quit bad habits, redefine their purpose in life, sometimes in as little as minutes.
  • Created his own Personal Development courses and lead training in various cities. Collected professional testimonials and references along the way.
  • Studied and became a professional ‘Life or Success Coach’ & accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
  • Delivered Coach Training, NLP Training, Communications Training for the general public and occasionally companies like IKEA.
  • Delivered TEDx speeches at Suzhou and SJTU. Co-Hosted TEDx Suzhou, providing speaker coaching and ‘hanging out’ with guest speakers like the VP of IBM Global.
  • Professional Speaker and mentoring for Business Incubators and Accelerators like China Accelerator.
  • Bought more property.
  • Had a beautiful girl and boy.
  • Returned to Australia while continuing client coaching regularly in at least 7 different countries over Skype.
  • Spent time with Tony Robbins, John Grinder & Carmen Bostic (who taught Tony Robbins NLP), Richard Bandler, Stephen Gilligan, Robert Dilts and more of the worlds greatest coaches/NLP creators.
  • Worked with half a dozen multimillionaires and helped half a dozen make their first million.
  • Been labelled crazy a couple of times but he seems pretty happy about that!

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2014 Interview on the Limitless Laowai Podcast:

UPDATE: Since 2018 I’ve completed a Graduate Certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming. Basically NLP is the building blocks that make professional coaching, therapy, psychotherapy and positive psychology possible.

Registered coach and trainer with a couple of world class organisations.

Created where this photo was taken. Rather than put the profits in my pocket, I hired some of the best heart-centered yet technically skilled trainers in the field.

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