Victor Ahipene

If you have ever looked to take your personal life, business life or even employee’s to the next level then I can’t recommend Adrian enough. He has the amazingly rare ability to work with individuals one on one all the way up to international businesses and create 10x the amount of value they could ever expect (I can attest for this with my own results). He is a master in his trade and goes the extra mile to get you results. Thanks for all the help you have given to myself and many others.

Victor AhipenePodcast Educator and Coach to Young Entrepreneurs
Thomas Shubbuck

Adrian has an outstanding reputation as a professional coach and speaker. I’ve seen his results. They speak for themselves. For anyone considering coaching, just call him up and speak with him. I also found him to be a great volunteer in the Shanghai community.

Thomas ShubbuckAccomplished Manager with Georgetown, MIT and Harvard experience
Ben Whitter 本维特

Adrian has an intriguing background and great level of insight into human excellence and behavior garnered from his travels, unique experiences and his dedication to personal and professional development. I invited him across to Ningbo in 2014 to share his insights with colleagues and he delivered two well received sessions on Personal Mastery. Adrian is a thoughtful, committed and engaging trainer.

Ben Whitter 本维特Tsunami Leader | Multi-Award-Winning Organisation & People Developer
Stephanie Brauer

Adrian helped me to find the courage to change my ways of thinking and break old habits.

Personally he helped me to believe in myself and to go step by step my own way. I learned that I am not alone on this journey. There are helpers, you just have to ask.

Financiall he helped me to help myself. I wanted to put my money in a safe and long term investment. It had to be stable because I was afraid of losing everything. AT the same time I wanted to have a high return and flexibility. He explained the different options to me but didn’t push me into anything. We figured out the best for me and my money has doubled in the last few years.

If I have a personal or financial question he is the first person to talk to and he always helps. I haven’t seen him in person in over a year but still trust him in person over a year but still trust him with my money and worship his thoughts regarding my future.

Stephanie BrauerSalamandar Prodictions
Yizhi Guo

Having Adrian as a coach is a pretty curious thing. After our first session, I had high doubts about whether or not I wanted to continue. Having never tried a coach before, I found our first session pretty weird and underwhelming, and I was skeptical of his ability to help me.Counting my father and best friend, to date a year later I can say that unexpectedly meeting Adrian has to be one of the most profoundly positive impacts on my little life.

Had I not continued seeking Adrian out of curiosity, I would be in a whole lot of pain today at what I could have been, what I could have changed, instead of the unstoppable and overwhelming awesome that is today’s morning.

If your committed to making your way down the mountain you’ll always end up there in time. What Adrian will do is blow up the mountains in the way and strap a rocket to your back. I now know of Adrian’s character that he is someone truly on the path to bettering the world and it’s people, with a great arsenal of tools to help you get what you want whatever that may be, and an all around a great guy. I cannot recommend my fantastic coach, and now good friend, more.

Yizhi GuoInternational Sales, Easy Coating Co., Ltd. Easy Coating Co., Ltd. | Fineshine Technology
Boon Jim Chuah

I first met Adrian thru one of his workshops, where he offered great insights and resources on how to approach some of the sticky things in relationships and life. Adrian is well read and displays in depth knowledge & expertise as a capable motivational life coach.As I got more opportunities to work with Adrian on other projects, I realized that far from being a cookie cutter coach, Adrian demonstrated the ability to tailor a strong program according to one’s situational needs.To top it off, Adrian takes an honest interest in helping each individual, with a good balance of patient space and motivational push.I have no qualms recommending his services and have already put several of my own students in touch with him.

Boon Jim ChuahSenior Accounts Manager, THREAD
Nate Dudhill

I’ve had the privilege of meeting Adrian and having coaching sessions with him for a few months. From lesson one he gave facilitated me in finding my goals and helped me to set targets to achieve what I wanted to. I recommend anyone to see Adrian if they want to make a real difference to their career or personal life.

Nate DudhillHelping People To Invest In UK, USA & Australian Real Estate
Maya Roesch

Adrian helped me get my goals in order and he made sure that I had some ideas on how to get there. Since I have seen Adrian many things in my work environment and personal life has changed for the good and it is getting better each day. He can be a great asset to each business if you are stuck and not sure to which direction to go to.

Maya RoeschEnglish Teacher, Photographer and Designer
Katy Allen

Not only a warm, confident and approachable guy, but also an excellent mentor, teacher and coach. Adrian has built, grown and become an integral part of the Shanghai community of people seeking self-improvement. I have met many who he has directly influenced in a positive direction. On a personal note, Adi’s workshops have additionally fed and enabled my own development as a teacher and influencer of others, given me an invaluable skills and knowledge set about NLP and opened my mind and heart to mindfulness. Thank you Adi!

Katy AllenPrimary Reception Homeroom Teacher
Meng Zhao

I have invited Adrian to give an educational and entertaining talk, on personality profiling and partnership selections, to the members of our Toastmasters Club. That was the first we had him as our expert speaker, and I was really impressed by the inspiring ideas and methods he shared with us, as well as the way he interacted with audience. Adrian really knows how to talk to and give practical suggestions to people with different backgrounds and personalities

Meng ZhaoPlanning Engineer at Shanghai Volkswagen
Margarita Lukavenko

I have been informally receiving some Coaching from Adrian for quite some time, learning a lot as we build language and speaking programs. Now I am paying for his Coaching to get even more and Adrian has really stepped it up. Since starting a formal coaching arrangement I saw my life changing from good to fantastic. I wish I had started a earlier! More than that, Adrian is very flexible and can handle any challenge thrown at him. He has done just about everything from Corporate Training to Afghanistan and that really puts him into the “must know & learn from” category of people around you.

Margarita LukavenkoManaging Director, The M & Y Group
Shansong Yu

I got a chance to work with Adrian on a workshop. He is a highly motivated man. He can always deliver his message in an active and professional way. People like his workshops and learn a lot.

Shansong YuFinancial Services|Joint Honours Economics and Finance|McGill University
Rob Vickery

Since our powerful session, I have cut down my sugar consumption by about 80% and this has had a dramatic and positive effect on my life, especially my moods and overall feeling.

Rob VickeryInterview Specialist and Coach, Gold Coast Australia
Peter Buki

I met Adrian the first time in Hungary in 2009 and at the time we were both heavily into Personal Development. Only Adrian was traveling the world and doing it while most people, were stuck in a job.
Years later I was still stuck in my job. I told Adrian I had problems with starting my photography business, he offered a helping hand. He really does have skills in finding your mental blocks and pushing you forward. To be better put, he helps you push yourself through your blocks and barriers. I will certainly recommend your services to my friends!

Peter BukiFreelance Photographer & Specialist for Vodafone, Budapest Hungary
Sayako Miyamoto

Adrian helped me take my passion and turn it into a business. I still work however I am also turning my passion into profit.

Sayako, Sayako Miyamoto, Osaka Japan
Yene Assegid

Adrian has been a great source of learning and insights in our work together. I have been amazed at his ability to take complex organisational challenges and turn the situation around to allow members of the team see different perspectives that lead to breakthroughs.

Yene AssegidYene Assegid, MBA, PhD, PCC, Belgium
Brian Peters

The saying goes, “Learn from those who have done it”. When it comes to Adrian it’s all experience. Being able to leave his full time job and travel for over 4 years before the age of 28 is an accomplishment most people dream of it at the age of 58.

Brian PetersBrian Peters, CEO Peters Partnerships, Adelaide
Xiaofang Su

作为一位专业的人生导师,平易近人、幽默风趣的Adrian总能引导你自己找到各种问题的答案,可谓是授人以渔。他学富五百车,行过万里路。听他一席话,胜读十年书呢。” “Adrian is a professional life coach. He have the ability to guide you to find the problem and solution by yourself. He is not going to give you a fish for a day, but teaching you fishing skills which you can use to feed yourself for a lifetime.

Xiaofang SuAssistant Showroom Manager at Lululemon Athletica, Shanghai
Vitali Belokoskov

I’ve been working with Adrian as a coach since December 2013. I have found insights obtained in working with Adrian to be extremely valuable. I can say that I’ve had a measurable and a considerable positive impact in a number of areas of my life. Diversity of his experience, knowledge and expertise also enable meaningful discussions around specifics and hence the ability to develop solutions. I can highly recommend Adrian to help anyone reach their potential.

Vitali BelokoskovRenewable & Strategy Engineer at Ergon Energy, Cairns Australia
Natalia Skirtenko-Harm

I got to know Adrian during NLP Master training course and was really impressed by Adrian’s coaching skills and ability to connect with people around him. I would definitely recommend Adrian as a very effective coach for anyone who is willing to make positive changes and to achieve more in life.

Natalia Skirtenko-HarmRelocation Adviser at Outpost Global Services, Shell, Beijing China
Kristen Van Nest

Adrian is an excellent coach. He’s focused on helping you achieve your goals, listening closely and asking directed questions. For me, he helped me with a key career vision rut, so that I could create a clearer trajectory for the long-term and actionable steps in the short-term. He has great analogies and stories to make a complex problem more understandable and approachable.

Kristen Van NestGlobalization Specialist, Shanghai China