Why you NEED Outsourcing?

Do you feel you that staff are too expensive. The Minimum wage in Australia is around $17 per hour. And that’s just the Minimum wage, there is a whole range of extra financial, time, and energy costs involved.

It can be so hard to find suitable staff. Not to mention staff that actually WANT to work.

How about overheads, space and equipment for them, scheduling, superannuation, legal frame work, how to let them go and all the rest of it. It can all be a massive headache.

Well we have bad news for you. Outsourcing can be a pretty big head ache too!

Ever since the Tim Ferris Four Hour Work Week became popular, Outsourcing has exploded and not necessarily in a good way. Right now, more people than ever before are out there spending countless dollars on Outsourced Staff. Demand is increasing, quality is decreasing and only a small number of people are actually succeeding. Big business are doing well, the IT Cities of Philippines and India are growing well (I’ve seen it with my own eyes). These big business are scooping up the best staff. Recruiters are even in the shopping malls taking anyone with skills, a bit different from the people in our shopping centers trying to sell Credit Cards or Fundraising. For small businesses and the Entrepreneurs its a lot more difficult and finding talent is actually very difficult. If you hear an Outsource Success story, often they were lucky, they found someone good.

Learning how to be an effective Outsource Staff Manager takes time too. Its very easy to loose staff if you don’t keep them busy. They also may need training and support. Not to mention, real life contact.

What if we had a pill that could solve it all. Would you be interested in that?

Look, two years ago I found out about Outsourcing and thought it was fantastic. Finally I can follow up on some of the business ideas I’ve had. I have had them assist me in making my personal blog site. I used them to help with my Ebooks. I’m currently using them to take care of SEO and some Social Media. However I found out it wasn’t so simply. If you like to use my staff, or knowledge to help your small business or start up, let me know. We can send you a free Ebook they made full of pro-formas for employing staff and a more!


I would also like to offer you a Magic Pill 😉 A solution!

We have a team of Virtual Staff, Graphic Designers, SEO staff, WordPress developers. We regularly use a few staff for a few friends businesses so you may join in. When you use our team it doesn’t matter which service is needed, it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, it doesn’t matter if you want to use them a lot or a little. Its packaged and simple.

It is for website development.

$80 AUD for 10 hours per week ($8.00 p/h)

$150 AUD for 20hours per week ($7.50 p/h)

$280 AUD for 40 hours per week ($7.00 p/h)

Additionally, we also have Copy Writing, App building, Tele marketing, Designing, Sound editing and Video editing at individual prices based on the skill of the individual.

Your money and time allocation is per week. Extra hours are billed under the next pay rate. For example, if you commit to the 20 hour weekly package and need an additional 10 hours, those extra 10 hours will be billed at $7.50. However unused hours will be forfeited as we need to guarantee our Staff a certain amount of hours. We train and monitor our staff heavily. In time their skills develop and our staff are often snatched up by the Call Centres or BPO’s.  This risk is reduced by using us our billing system.

By using our Virtual Staff, you can either do a lot more, or do a lot less. However you feel. Do you feel your not using your full capacity. Do feel like your ideas and potential are under utilized. Now you can feel great knowing that you can have a whole team behind you. Rest assured that your staff are monitored and have help available from the team. This allows you to get the most out of your life.

Get off the Internet, let them do the research, the writing, the phone calls, email handling, data entry, one guy even has his Virtual Assistant handle his POF profile. (That’s a dating website).

My cousin saves his company $16,000 per month through Outsourcing. I just met another man who has his virtual staff running almost his entire Mobile Phone Repair business. What would you do if you had a team of staff available at $4 per hour.

Did I mention no Superannuation, legal worries, reduced overheads and you can upsize or downsize in under 60seconds.

You can Outsource anything from Virtual Assistants, Graphic Design, Phone support and the like. We can help you too!


The following is all free to help you. It was prepared by Adrian Cahill and his team. If you like more info, just write. Price isn’t important, prices are rock bottom and our team will allow you to move forward.

To know more about outsourcing, just read our Outsourcing articles below:


The Benefits of Outsourcing and its Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Virtual Staff

When we talk about Outsourcing, we are referring to a business in a country which hire people from another country to work for them. Although Outsourcing often takes place in the same country or even town, we will now talk about International Outsourcing, predominantly in the IT world.

A lot of businesses outsource to save time and money to get the same quality of service by paying less. This kind of outsourcing gives many new small ventures and everyday people the opportunity to be employ an IT team; turning their passions, ideas, and hobbies into a possible cash flow generating career.



Saving $16,000 by Hiring a VA

Hire Virtual Staff

Two years ago on a trip to Australia I caught up with my cousin Andrew we spoke to him about Outsourcing. He was interested and had open ears so we had a great couple of hours of discussion about where and how to start. Soon after, Andrew began hiring. This a superb example I take great pleasure in sharing with you.



Introducing Odesk: The No. 1 Outsourcing Site

Odesk, Best Outsourcing PlatformIn case you haven’t heard of it, Odesk is probably the no. 1 website for Outsourcing. For those unfamiliar with the term, what we are talking about is sourcing Virtual International Staff.

Odesk lets small businesses hire, manage, and pay remote contractors as if they were in their own office. More than 200,000 businesses seeking skilled workers, and 800,000 service providers are registered from over 150 countries. Odesk is changing how the world works. With Outsourcing, you can easily allocate specific tasks to people who have a lot of knowledge and skills in that area at the most competitive rates……




The Different Roles of Commonly Employed Virtual Staff

Virtual Office AssistantThe different roles of commonly employed virtual staff:
Virtual Assistant, Website Manager, Content Writer, Ghost Writer and Search Engine Optimizer

Seriously, I have made lots of mistakes with Outsourcing. Wasted countless hours trying to automate sometimes the most simplest tasks such as starting a contact list or sorting emails.

I have learned from the mistakes though. It is my pleasure to share my knowledge with you to help you gain more free time and a higher quality of life— the ultimate goal of Outsourcing.



Procedure for Employing Virtual Staff: Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant A VA refers to an independent service provider, who provides administrative, secretarial, technical, or creative services to businesses externally. Since ‘The 4 Hour Work Week’ use of VA’s has dramatically risen. Basically for the business or webpage owner, you source online assistants at a fraction of the rate those similar staff would cost you in your own city.

VA’s are most commonly found in India and Philippines, however many more nationalities are available. Philippines being the most popular as they have high English skills and ethics. Philippines are already having well established outsourced IT and Call centre head quarters for many global companies. For many of them, being a VA makes an ideal home based business or work in a nearby shared office environment….



Procedure for Employing Virtual Staff: SEO

SEOSEO Specialist:

a) Perform keyword research in coordination with client business objectives to optimize existing content and uncover new opportunities.

b) Provide SEO analysis and recommendations in coordination with elements and structure of websites and web pages.



The Key to Successful Outsourcing

commHas All to Do with Effective Communication!

Effective virtual staff / client communications can totally change the way that you and your business work. Leveraging through staff is a key which ultimately can save and make you a lot of money, time, and resources. However, it can also be disastrous. I learned this lesson myself the hard way. I asked a new guy about developing an SEO plan, the next thing I knew, instead of a plan, he started spamming my full real name across the web. This really made me realize that poor communication can actually cost you so much more than simply the hourly rate that you pay that staff member.



Interested in Outsourcing your Blog or small business?

to blog or not to blogBuilding a booming blog takes a lot of work. Growing your blog into a money-making venture can take you months or even years of full-time work. You may not have the time you need to invest to make your blog successful, or you may naturally want more success. Outsourcing some of your blog tasks may be the easy smart answer.

If you want to Start Outsourcing, we are here to help you. In 2013, we provide help for free. Later we may take our material offline or for members only.



Finding Free Images Online

no copy pasteFor any website or blog, graphics and pictures are important. A great picture can help capture a reader’s interest, inviting them to stay longer and read your content. Yet, there are a lot of measures in finding images – particularly legal issues. They can’t be used for business or personal purposes without the permission from the copyright holder.

I would like to share some guidelines on where and how to find free images to use in your blog posts. You can use this with your Virtual Assistants if you are training them from scratch.





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