Want to get into Israel without a stamp?

A lot Middle Eastern countries are strongly against the Israel, due to the occupation of Palestine. The debate about the occupation is not the topic here. Today we are just talking about the Stamp. The dreaded Israel Stamp. The simple sign of this should result in exclusion to Iran, Syria, Israel, Saudi Arabia and possibly other countries. This information is valued and important regardless of your opinion on the Israel/Palestine conflict as to get even into most the remaining Palestinian  lands, you will need to pass through Israel. Getting into Israel without a stamp is important to Middle Eastern Explorers.


Traditionally if you were traveling the region you have to construct a touring itinerary so you would visit Israel last, or you have to do it on multiple passports. Most of us don’t have this flexibility so let’s see how your passport can remain free of the Israel stamp.

Passport stamps have bothered “Western” tourists visiting the Middle East for years.


In the 2000’s to 2013 there was one ‘stamp free’ way in and out safely. This was through the King Hussein also known as Allenby Bridge border crossing with Jordan.

 Israel border

Inside, the wall between Israel and Palestine

Travelers could travel the Middle East and quiet easily catch a taxi or shared van from Amman Jordan to this border. At and ONLY at this border, the Jordan authorities, on request could give you their official exit stamp on a separate piece of paper. This piece of paper remains loosely in your passport. If driving private cars they would then continue across a large area to the Israel s immigration offices. Those crossing by foot or taxis would embark in official buses to go the route. There is no option to walk.

At a final short Jordan checkpoint the piece of paper with the Jordan stamp is taken and Israel Immigration begins.

The first thing you will notice, besides a lot of people with guns, is that the people holding the guns are generally Teenagers. Their actually High School Graduates, completing their Mandatory Military Service. All Israel boys and girls have to complete this Mandatory Service. Also a lot of fresh US/Russian/European Immigrants also may have to or often choose to do this service.

Israel stamps

bus ride across borders

Here at the Israel Checkpoints you will begin the Israel Immigration process. Arabs and non Arabs are separated and treated differently. Some are treated like criminals, the others are not as fortunate. Luckily you’re probably not an Arab. Anyone who is a considered a possible risk will be held up for interviews. Those that are very clearly safe to Israel or Israeli’s themselves, should pass through relatively quickly. People are separated from their bags and I have heard a lot of stories of theft from bags while they are passing through immigration. (I’ve heard about this from the Airport as well).

Males aged between 20-40 are a primary risk. As is any one with (besides Jordan) other Middle Eastern Stamps in their passport, anyone with Muslim names or passports will probably be held up as well. Waits are generally between 1-12 hours. Also note: At this place there is no WiFi and Jordan Mobile phones will not work in this area.

Most people have informed me that after all the non-Arabs are processed, they then start on the Arabs. Many of these guys are the Palestinians returning home or crossing Israel borders to visit family/work and the like.

After the interviews and immigration checks, if allowed in, you are ready for the Israel Stamp. If you ask, they will put it on a separate piece of paper which stays with your passport for the duration of your stay.

On completion of Israel you can return to Jordan through this same border crossing. A thorough passport inspection will show that you have spent some time in Jordan not Israel. Be aware, getting into Israel without a stamp is not a BIG secret. The other Arab countries know about it. If they suspect that you have been in Israel, perhaps your passport shows a week in Egypt, a week in Lebanon, a week in Syria then 4 weeks in Jordan…. There is a chance they will suspect that you have been in Israel and that suspicion alone can lead to rejection. Hot tip! Learn basic  Arabic, the more the better.

Is it hard to get in to Israel:

In my opinion a non-Arab, non-Muslim should have no real issues. Just the time delay, interview and hassle. Any Arab, Muslim or anyone on their registers as entering before or being a possible Palestinian supporter, volunteer, volunteer could easily be refused.

Lucky your not a Palestinian though. I met a man in my hotel in Amman Jordan. Every day he went to the border trying to get back to West Bank. He was visiting family in a Palestine Refugee Camp in Amman (one of the biggest Refugee Camps in the world) and now the Israel Authorities were not letting him return to his West Bank home. I met him on his 9th day of trying. He said he would keep trying everyday till he got in. Resilient and persistent man.

Israeli lady soldiers

Some cute Israeli Soldiers

2013 UPDATE:

Online research shows that a new Israeli policy has been launched. 


The B2 Tourist Visa

b2 tourist visa

Sample B2 Tourist Visa

There’s a policy change in Israel particularly in Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport. Instead of an Israel passport stamp, they will give you this B2 Tourist Visa an electronically printed slip of paper.

It includes your name, nationality, photo (copied from your passport photo), date and so on. This guy’s thumb is concealing his reference and passport number.

Research from https://overseas.huji.ac.il/gradvisa shows that this policy, applied at every entry point, to every “Western” (i.e. visa-exempt) tourist; it opens up the possibility of guaranteed free movement around the Middle East. You still need to be careful not to pick up tell-tale Egyptian and Jordanian exit/entry stamps.

So here you have it, get into Israel without a stamp! get into Israel without a stamp

Hope this will help you guys if you are planning to travel the Middle East, West Bank and Jerusalem are so amazing and worth the effort!!

Happy travel and enjoy Israel!




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