All face to face training, like this beautiful one here, is on hold until……

Due do demand from our graduates and their friends we started training virtually.
We gave 2-3 months of free training then started launching online training AFTER we discovered how to make our training good enough online!
You can see our course is very active and full of life. (Just not on Facebook or Insta as over half our guys came in from China region)


Our Next Discover & Experience NLP Sessions:

2 December 2020 7-8.30pm CN Zoom
14 December 2020 7-8.30pm CN Zoom
28 December 2020 7-8.30pm CN Zoom
7 January 2021 7-8.30pm CN Zoom
16 January 2021 11-12.30pm CN Zoom

All times in China/Singapore/Hong Kong time. Keeps things simple, no daylight savings! And we have a global audience now.


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Current and Upcoming VIRTUAL Courses:

Virtual NLP Practitioner: Tuesday Nights 7-10pm CN 10 November 2020 to 23 March 2021

Virtual NLP Practitioner: Monday Nights  7-10pm CN 11 January  2021 to 10 May 2021

ICF Coaching Mastery: Thursday Nights 7-10pm CN 14  January  2021 to 29 April 2021

Progressive NLP Practice and Skill Development Sessions: Monday nights 7pm-10pm CN now until  11 January 2021. (Current and past students only)

ICF Style Coaching Practice Wednesday nights: 7pm-10pm CN now until 11 January 2021  (Current and past students only)

Sunday Night Q & A with Chris Williamson 4.30-6.15pm CN. (Invite only)

Sunday Members Zoom Sessions 6.30-8pm CN. (Open for everyone)


Who are our trainers?

One of the biggest challenges I see with Psych’s, Coaches, Motivational Speakers is Ego. Few can pull off training with Co-trainers yet in the first 10 years of NLP, it was always delivered with co-trainers. John Grinder (whom trained Tony Robbins in NLP and Co-Created NLP) Partners with 2 senior trainers. All the trainers I have bring in have travelled the world training with the one or both creators of NLP at a minimum. Dr Kevin Liang in the picture, or MCC ‘Jedi’ are stars in their respective fields. Dr Liang focuses on Hypnosis. MCC Jedi on ICF Coaching. I Adrian, am the glue, heart & NLP expert. But all have attained high level training. Chris Williamson travels the world speaking on the platforms and he trained under John Grinder and worked with Johns brother Michael Grinder. Although the trainers and I are often certified by other boards like ABNLP (Tad James linage) or NLP University (Robert Dilts linage) as well, we all train regularly to get to our next levels too! Something that happens far to often in places like Australia, are people trained in one linage, by one trainer only, attending 3 courses in total with that one trainer, sometimes in the scope of 1-3 years, then training others. Original NLP Practitoiner was 28 days with one certificate. It is now often sold delivered over 4-6 days with multiple certificates. Hence a degrading of quality. As we are approaching our 100th student, we are going to be raising prices soon. Currently at roughly 50% off yet delivering 50% more. Expect prices to double once early 2021.



Register for the Zooms by filling out this form

Or sending an email to:

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