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All face to face training, like this beautiful one here, is on hold until……

Due do demand from our graduates and their friends we started training virtually.
We gave 2-3 months of free training then started launching online training AFTER we discovered how to make our training good enough online!
You can see our course is very active and full of life. (Just not on Facebook or Insta as over half our guys came in from China region)


Our Next Discover & Experience NLP Sessions:

2 December 2020 7-8.30pm CN Zoom
14 December 2020 7-8.30pm CN Zoom
28 December 2020 7-8.30pm CN Zoom
7 January 2021 7-8.30pm CN Zoom
16 January 2021 11-12.30pm CN Zoom

All times in China/Singapore/Hong Kong time. Keeps things simple, no daylight savings! And we have a global audience now.


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Current and Upcoming VIRTUAL Courses:

Virtual NLP Practitioner: Tuesday Nights 7-10pm CN 10 November 2020 to 23 March 2021

Virtual NLP Practitioner: Monday Nights  7-10pm CN 11 January  2021 to 10 May 2021

ICF Coaching Mastery: Thursday Nights 7-10pm CN 14  January  2021 to 29 April 2021

Progressive NLP Practice and Skill Development Sessions: Monday nights 7pm-10pm CN now until  11 January 2021. (Current and past students only)

ICF Style Coaching Practice Wednesday nights: 7pm-10pm CN now until 11 January 2021  (Current and past students only)

Sunday Night Q & A with Chris Williamson 4.30-6.15pm CN. (Invite only)

Sunday Members Zoom Sessions 6.30-8pm CN. (Open for everyone)


Who are our trainers?

One of the biggest challenges I see with Psych’s, Coaches, Motivational Speakers is Ego. Few can pull off training with Co-trainers yet in the first 10 years of NLP, it was always delivered with co-trainers. John Grinder (whom trained Tony Robbins in NLP and Co-Created NLP) Partners with 2 senior trainers. All the trainers I have bring in have travelled the world training with the one or both creators of NLP at a minimum. Dr Kevin Liang in the picture, or MCC ‘Jedi’ are stars in their respective fields. Dr Liang focuses on Hypnosis. MCC Jedi on ICF Coaching. I Adrian, am the glue, heart & NLP expert. But all have attained high level training. Chris Williamson travels the world speaking on the platforms and he trained under John Grinder and worked with Johns brother Michael Grinder. Although the trainers and I are often certified by other boards like ABNLP (Tad James linage) or NLP University (Robert Dilts linage) as well, we all train regularly to get to our next levels too! Something that happens far to often in places like Australia, are people trained in one linage, by one trainer only, attending 3 courses in total with that one trainer, sometimes in the scope of 1-3 years, then training others. Original NLP Practitoiner was 28 days with one certificate. It is now often sold delivered over 4-6 days with multiple certificates. Hence a degrading of quality. As we are approaching our 100th student, we are going to be raising prices soon. Currently at roughly 50% off yet delivering 50% more. Expect prices to double once early 2021.



Register for the Zooms by filling out this form

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Procrastination is a constant battle for a lot of people. You can dramatically reduce or even eliminate procrastination with effective application of NLP.  So our lives are full of anchors and these save us a lot of time and effort. Anchors help us in many many ways. But some anchors, bring us down.

Callibration is the mother of effective communication yet it’s almost never taught to the depth required for mastery. In our training we deepen our calibration skills. Calibration is the difference between highly effecitive and engaging speakers and not so engaging speakers.

NLP Coaching Bali

Teaching NLP Bali starts !

Trainer Megan Shannon Frey sharing her experience.

Participants are eager to start working.

How do you feel a handshake?

Teaching inside and out. BaliNLP

Exercise partners change to keep the exercises authentic.

NLP Calibration Coaching Bali

Trainer Kevin Liang at an exercie.

Sunrise at BaliNLP.

Need help finding your life purpose?

Life is full of mysteries and surprises. It is an unending search of things that will make you complete and happy. However, that search is not that easy since there are trials and misleading instances you might face.

The survival you have to do in every day you wake up is not that easy. You have to balance everything out. From the work you have to go to, the stress you experience in it and down to the way you spend the salary you have earned. All these responsibilities are not that easy to handle. This is why a lot are not feeling fulfilled, they are like robots living in a sequential and programmed live.

Some people are living the opposite. They do what they like. They are in control. They are fulfilled. However, not everyone of them did that on their own. Some sought help to coaches. These mentors are the ones who guided those individuals.

The Suited Monk is one of those who wants to help and train people who can’t seem to control their composure. Their platform is about being able to live a happy and fulfilled work and life. They believe that through connecting your dots in life, you will be able to connect your internal and external self.

With this in mind, a number of people are really thankful to them. It is because they were able to dominate their unbalanced souls. They were able to let these people reflect, engage themselves and progress. It has changed their lives and marked it into the direction one wants.

Raf Adams has been a rolemodel for excellence in Shanghai and is now based in Barcelona. His workshops are exceptional and please check it out if your there or his online course

Helping startups, small business and a variety of consultants in Shanghai

Entrepreneurship can be a complicated field to enter. Especially in China. Walking in its path without any preparation will be such a risk which is magnified in a foreign landscape and often expatriates want a quick and effective solution which may be easy in the West, but not so in the East.

This is where SmallChina comes in and I’m really delighted to share this. You can have your own website, Bio, or even sell your consultation/coaching/training services/products on a Chinese server, in HOURS! And, it gets better. It looks better than when you do it yourself, far better, for just a couple of hundred dollars.

There are a couple of elements to SmallChina secret sauce. (Which isn’t really secret anymore).

  1. Staff are expatriate and driven by passion.
  2. Your website becomes like Now this is not cool in the West because we think is best. But in China .cn is clearly better. The process of getting a .cn and a Chinese server cost hundreds to thousands of dollars more than a .com you also need registered company etc etc.
  3. is featured as part of a highly passionate, experienced, dedicated community so the element will dramatically increase your exposure. (possibly eliminating any need for SEO)
  4. If you do post your link in forums, on Linked etc. it brings more credibility than a unless you are like a B2B or a MNC (B2B and MNC generally have 50k + Marketing budgets anyway)

Expanding a few points: is a community nurtured by Sinaweb. They offer fast-loading China-based access. All there sites load far faster than highly optimized .com sites which can easily be blocked.
They help you gain followers which is very convenient.

You don’t need to create your own WeChat Official Account. have their own WeChat Official Account which even offers a mini-program directory. It is simple and convenient access and sharing.

Aside from that, they also have their headquarters in the heart of Shanghai. They provide convenient rates and organize events that can help you connect and engage with your local community. Their community also provides different services depending on the amount you are willing to provide. (I’ve spoken there before, have a site and I had the founder Tommaso come and speak to a handful of coaches on how to start coaching businesses in China in record time!)

The platform of this organization is all about unity and collaboration. If you want to be a consultant or start a business in China contact Tommaso or the staff at directly.

The business industry is one of the widest scopes in our world. It has an environment which is always fluctuating, always opening to the newest innovations and always answering to the needs of the billion people around the world. If one enters this world without being equipped with the proper tools, he may fail. We may seek guidance and training from a lot of people for us to succeed in this field.

Ultimahub is a Corporate Training Company based in Shanghai. They provide training and facilitation methods that are effective and unique. They have established a strong reputation for providing corporate individuals and teams with key insights helping them to rise above the competition in today’s increasingly aggressive business climate.

The service and assistance that they provide is absolutely astounding. They did a good job during their speech in Motivateshanghai. The things that they shared during the event surely motivated the crowd.

The company strives hard to answer to the needs of the people who trusted them. Their goal is to make the businesses of their beneficiaries fruitful. They value trust and loyalty above all others. Ultimahub did an amazing job in motivating and helping people. They deserve recognition and applause for the things that they did.

Know more about Ultimahub.

Our mind is something so deep that we can’t comprehend right away what it wants. It is a complicated system managing our personality, emotions and feelings. It is what makes us unique from others. Managing these turbulent sensations is not that easy especially when you are doing it alone.

This is why Babiana Rueda Bueno wanted to help these individuals who are struggling in keeping it all together. She uses a therapeutic approach called Psychogenealogy. The method all about understanding one’s ancestral patterns. Her workshops are full of honesty, humor, and relevant experiences that help one to understand specific topics.

Bibiana will be guiding you in a complete reconstructive experience in order to let go of the past and open you to a more gratifying present and future. During her speech at Motivateshanghai, she was able to inspire a lot of individuals. She did an amazing job in sharing them this holistic approach that can help the people become emotionally healthy.

Babiana is a renowned psychologist who wants to help. Toxicity and pessimism will be right off the bat because of this method. The end goal of her approach is to live a life which allows one to fulfill your purpose and ultimately, to be what you are, unique and extraordinary expressions of universal energy – your authentic selves.

Know more about Bibiana.

Neuro Logical Levels (or Neurological levels) is one of the most interesting frameworks I have ever seen in the Coaching / Personal Development world. It is in my opion the best NLP Coaching Model to date.

Regardless if you’re working as a change agent, or looking for change yourself, this will assist you in understanding and gaining a very high level of awareness of yourself and others.

Reading this alone will give you insight. Spending more time with it and revisiting it will bring more. If you practice it, you may find yourself able to recognise or even track conversations as they go up and down the levels. As a agent of change, you may begin to recognise on what level a presented challenge is at, where the deeper challenge is, and if you develop skills in Coaching/NLP with me, you will learn which models/tools/questions to ask to create trance-formation, or rapid change (perhaps both) with a big smile on your face.


Very brief background: Neuro Logical Levels is a METAPHOR. It was developed by Robert Dilts and is often taught in NLP and non-NLP Coaching Courses.

I’ve trained under John Grinder, and Richard Bandler Co-Creators of NLP, Robert Dilts, Stephen Gilligan and more.


Deeper background: Neuro Logical Levels is a controversial but widely used model (and I would say effective model). An extension of Logical Levels or Logical Types which was pre-NLP days. The levels and types were perhaps brought into the NLP world by Gregory Bateson. In his book, Ecology of Mind, (a challenging but enlightening read), Gregory eluded to deeper structures and in my opinion, was on the edge of many great discoveries of the mind. Gregory Bateson assisted the creation of NLP greatly and enthusiastically. He provided support and valuable introductions, like the introduction to Milton Erickson.  Both Gregory and Milton spent time with one of the young NLP students Robert Dilts. Robert like many recognised there was like layers or levels of the mind, perhaps between reality, action, beliefs and Robert brought this model into the world. On a far deeper look at what are logical levels and logical types, this model according to John Grinder, Co-Creator of NLP, is not true to the rules of logical types. I  was training with John Grinder and he showed my class how this model was false and not even a part of NLP however a fair few excellent trainers coaches disagree with John. For me personally, military background, results-focused, this model worked a lot for me, I’ll continue to use it, I’ll teach it on Coaching Courses, and NLP Coaching Courses, but I will leave it out of NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses.



Neuro Logical Levels:

Best NLP Coaching Model (so far)

In the processes of learning, change, and communication there are, metaphorically speaking, natural hierarchies of logical levels. In logical levels, you have sets and subsets. wheels, frame, bumper, lights, can be parts of a car. Toyota, Ford, Tesla are cars. Cars are a form of transport. What is in and out of the level is upto the creators intentions. The intentions of Robert Dilts in creating this model, I believe was to assist agents of change in learning how to assist/create change.


Robert calls them, Neuro Logical levels as they reflect levels in the way we can process or think about them.

For example, if we are talking about offices in the context of; how noisy the office is, where the office is, how big is the office, how many people could fit in the office. These are all forms of focusing on the environment level.

If we were to talk about someone bullying in the office, coming to work early or late, procrastinating about what to do, etc. This is all forms of focusing on behaviour. Behaviour in the office.

If we talk about a supervisor instructing staff to work overtime. This could be seen as a supervisor using their capabilities to affect behaviour.

Why is the supervisor instructing staff to work overtime? This may draw out some of the beliefs of the supervisor. They believe it’s their role or in their capabilities to instruct staff to change them. They may value, a performance bonus, or efficiency.

The supervisor, like all of us, has a value system, and perhaps they have a high value for work output. If they didn’t value work, they may not last long at the company. Some supervisors really seem to value, being in charge.

It’s like part of their Identity, a responsible leader.  Perhaps at work, they assume the identity of a responsible leader. And at home, they may play the role or identity of a parent, or lover.

Spirituality means many things to many people. To our Supervisor, he may consider it a connection to a god, maybe a higher purpose.

All these words are metaphors, and this model is to assists us to process but don’t get to caught up or stuck in any part.


The function of each Neuro Logical Level in the hierarchy is to organize the information below it.

Example, a person’s behaviour results in changes to the environment around them. When a person walks into a room, they take up space and regardless of their behaviour, it will always affect the environment. The environment is generally the result of the persons behaviour. If the person regularly displays outstanding, high performing behaviour, you would expect the environment to reflect this.


Changing something on a lower Neuro Logical Level of the hierarchy could, but would not necessarily affect the levels above it. 

Example, if a person is regularly depressed, very messy, has disorganised behavioural patterns, one may imagine that if he changes where he lives, he will still have those behaviours. It could affect his behaviour. He could suddenly become excited, happy and organised if he was placed on Hawaii. However, his old behaviours were there for a reason. Those old reasons could still be present.

The problem as Einstein said, “You can’t solve the problem with the same thinking that created it.”

Often I see people that suffer from procrastination attempt to fix it with behavioural changes. I congratulate them on trying and have compassion for them as it won’t work. I see this all the time. People struggle to complete tasks, so they form new tasks! Only this time they add an exclamation mark or write IN CAPITAL LETTERS. I’ve also seen people struggle with procrastination buying online courses or books on productivity and sadly (perhaps obviously to everybody else) not finish them. The book or course may on the same level, behaviours, or it may be working on a level above the problem, here that would be capability. To avoid procrastination forever, (a rather simple feat if you know how) you have to work on higher levels then the problem hence the top-down approach used by most expert coaches/agents of change.

Making changes using a top-down approach.

Example, take a disorganised person and help them develop multi-tasking, scheduling, and organisational skills. This might work, only we may be taking on the challenge at the same level or slightly higher.

Making a change at the upper levels changes everything below it in order to support the higher level change. However working one level above the problem isn’t enough. The disorganised person, can still show a lot disorganised behaviour. Here the ‘Disorganised person’ is not a capability factor. Its part of their identity. The person may have grown up all their life being a disorganised person and no amount of capability changes will alter their behaviour if that behaviour is part of their identity. That’s like trying to move a tent, but the tent pegs are still in the ground.

If we work with the disorganised person on the level of Identity. And say, the Identity of the person is shifted and they see themselves as an efficient, successful person, the Values shift too. If something like,  ‘Organised’ or ‘Being Organised’ becomes a high value, than the beliefs, capabilities and behaviour is also modified as a result.


You can use this model yourself and I encourage you to print out or copy this article.

Remember the following:

  • Spirituality – Change for whom and/or what purpose?
  • Identity – Does change reflect who I am?
  • Values and beliefs- Why make the change?
  • Capabilities and Skills- Change how?
  • Behaviours – Change what?
  • Environment – Where to change?

An insight into how I create my magic.

Honestly guys, 70% of what I do with people is work on the higher Neuro Logical Levels. This may be obvious, however often it’s done unconsciously. I may ask questions to someone about their challenge, then perhaps appear to ask unrelated questions about other things. These questions may lead to them focusing on the details of some of the biggest challenges they have accomplished. Then switch back to the challenge they were having currently and suddenly, they identify with the challenge differently. Suddenly, it’s not as big any more. So there you go and you can see how that can be very effective and also done without awareness.

What I really love is the amount of times I speak with someone, feel like it was nothing, but then a week later, get a message from them going something like.

“Adrian, you wouldn’t believe what just happened….”

Often people get immediate results, sometimes they take weeks. It’s amazing though how effective it is. And you can do some of this yourself! In fact, many of us are trying to do it ourselves every 1st of January, or on our birthdays. We attempt to redefine who we are with new years/birthday resolutions or simply buying gym memberships. Sadly though, a lot of these changes are just surface. We generally need one of two things.

A near death experience, something tragic, a death in the family or a heart attack, before there is enough leverage to create a deep change.

Someone to work with us and guide/push/pull or cheer us through the process.

As a NLP Coach I often find myself artificially creating heavy leverage to push a person to change. Just the other day I had a participant talk about the hard time he had cutting back sugar. I gave him an artificial near death experience, and guess what? It suddenly became much easier for him to say no to sugar. In fact when I spoke to him 7 days later he had cut back his Sugar content 80-90% and was on top of the world.


Now that you have learned this:

Instead of listening deeply in every conversation, try listening briefly and keep an eye on the Neuro Logical levels. Now you should be able to identify which level the conversation is on. If you really want to take this to new heights join one of our coaching or training programs so you can not only know, but drive the conversation and create positive change in those you care about. Or perhaps just experience a lot of your own personal growth and development.

Thanks guys, Neuro Logical Levels was brought to you by Adrian Cahill.

Feel free to contact me if you want to do any NLP or Coaching Training. I am lead trainer and often a co-trainer on various courses around Asia region and many of my colleges have great training in other areas. So just shout out!

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A couple of us in NLP Trainers Training with John Grinder, Carmen Bostic and Michael Carroll


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