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PSYCH-K in Australia, by Bruce Lipton – The Psychology of Belief

Hi all. I just completed PSYCH-K in Townsville, Australia. I will be using PSYCH-K in China, Hong Kong, and Australia as a complimentary service, tool or methodology offered/used in helping my clients solve challenges, hit new highs, achieve balance, fulfillment and more.… Read the article

Townsville Coach and Investor

Hi there, I’m Adrian, a Investor and Coach. I help a lot of people with Investment or Wealth Coaching. Financial Coaching. As a trained and recognised Coach playing on the International field I take great pride in helping people earn the financial freedom they deserve.… Read the article

Examples of Coaching in Kuala Lumpur

The saying goes, “Learn from those who have done it”. When it comes to Adrian it’s all experience. Being able to leave his full time job and travel for over 4 years before the age of 28 is an accomplishment most people dream of at the age of 58.…   Brian Peters, www.peterspartnership.com.au   For those that who don’t know, I’m one of the most experienced Couch Surfers in Australia and China (where I spend half my time).… Read the article