Coaches often forget that the person that needs to be coached and developed the most is themselves. As you continue your coaching or NLP journey a deeper goal is to develop mastery within ourselves. Hence I wrote this short article on Self Mastery Coaching or Self Mastery for Coaches/Neuro Linguistic Programmers/Brain Hackers.

Our own Self-Mastery Coaching.

SelfMasteryCoaching Self Mastery Coaching

Some of the key qualities of Self Mastery

Compassion: an understanding and empathy towards another person or our own difficulties combined with an attitude or actions designed to help. Compassion is different from sympathy. Compassion is a vital key preceding whatever attitudes or actions are designed to help you cannot have coaching awakening. inspiring, empowering without compassion.


Clarity: having a deeper understanding and certainty that ultimately involves an awareness that we don’t really have a full understanding, there is always more we don’t know yet we can proceed with clarity and certainty in ourselves. Clarity is knowing the higher logical level, the higher intention or perhaps the spiritual intent and that it is more important than the behaviour.


Detachment: a key concept in Buddhism, however, it is just as applicable here. We do not allow ourselves to be unduly influenced, imbalanced or negatively affected by our attachments or actions of others. We understand that we cannot force change, perfectionism or our ways of thinking on others, or even fully onto ourselves. For deeper seekers we also need to be careful of becoming attached to being unattached! Detachment is a fine line. And we must learn to let go more and more. Let go of our views, our stories, our goals, our beliefs,  our desires. Let go of the need to change anyone or change anything. A concept well worthy of far more exploration.


Nonjudgement: being able to let go of our judgments, let go of our criticism, let go without losing discernment and insights. We want to be eliminating the elements of reproach and blame while maintaining keen perception. Nonjudgement and Detachment bring ease and equanimity.


Equanimity: balance, self-possession, self-assurance and presence of mind that brings calmness peaceful and tranquillity. Equanimity as described by Shinzen Young, was like a honeycomb being warmed up so that the old structures, beliefs, stories can melt and the blessings can pass through the mind.


Love: the process of loving. The capacity for tender warm feelings mixed with joy and deep affection focused on the greater humanity, groups, individuals and ultimately on a deep, heartfelt devotion to ourselves, to a god or divine consciousness or something much greater than us.


Where to next?

Loving, Detached, Service: combining the above in the act of service that intrinsically involves these states in attitudes and actions with compassion for a greater good.


I thoroughly love my work, and I’m attached and non-attached to it at the same time. Black and White or ‘Either Or’ thinking is rather limiting. One can be attached and not attached at the same time. I am attached to my self-mastery, I am attached to desires to give service, yet at the same time, I can withdraw. I love my work as it provides continuous and never-ending opportunities to grow in so many physical and metaphysical ways. I hope you love it too. Please come along to one of our free workshops (With Motivate Community) and get involved. Blessings!


Warmest Regards

Adrian Cahill

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