Free Training For India

To be totally honest, over the years I’ve probably spent more on receiving therapy/coaching/training, the pursuit of excellence in delivering it for others, and basic operating expenses then I have earned in Income.
I never did this for money. I did this to push myself to recover and get up to new levels. Not everyone has the luxury of what we have in places like Australia or Europe.
Right now, and in fact always, there has been great suffering in the world. We provided lots and continue to provide free services, along side paid services and donations to organisations like Life Line.
In 2021, we are delivering free training specifically for India to help through Co-Vid. We will also be delivering this training to other communities on a case-by-case basis.
For more specific information regarding India, we currently have 4 coaches/trainers taking part and free training is on Sundays, 1.30pm IST.
Email/Contact for more details.



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