What on earth is going on? Are we all being MANIPULATED?


Hi guys,


Being a coach I’m on the phone every day to different cities. On the 25th January 2020, I started one of the most full-on courses I’ve ever run. I love to share a bit more about that but before that I’ll share some inside information, experiences you may really appreciate about what’s going on it the world today and in 2020.  


I’ll never forget when I was a kid, this one time my friends and I were mucking around at a school on a Sunday afternoon. Being a little troublesome. The police came and we got in trouble. That night there was an article on the TV about it which said something like ‘5 boys caught vandalising a school’ and they went on to show classrooms covered in paint and trashed. This actually happened but some 24hours earlier totally unrelated us. Police, us boys and the general public have very different views. It was pretty embarrassing considering we hadn’t damaged anything. 


Years later I was in Afghanistan exposed to …. And what I saw on the media again…..very different. I held a Top Secret clearance and it raised a lot of curiosity as to ‘bigger games’ being played. I was also in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Israel and more…. Very different realities again. 


So let me share a little bit about my experiences with CoVid. 

From the 25th January till the 3rd February we were running our big NLP Coaching Practitioner and we had a Chinese Doctor sharing updates every day. We had about 12 people from China at our training as well. And every day since then I’ve had updates over the phone with clients around China and the Asian cities. 


Yes I do think there are bigger games being played. Yes I do think the masses are being misled. Yes I am concerned about our future but not health-wise, it’s the economic outlook that concerns me. People losing jobs. I’m not sure exactly how or why there is so much misinformation going around but I know somethings from first-hand experience.


During the last TEDx I was at, I welcomed the then VP of IBM, Dr Matt Wang who spoke about AI. One of my wonderful clients founded his own AI company and AI is incredible. We are at serious risk of losing countless jobs! (That is one reason I committed 100% to coaching, it can be replaced but EQ is harder to mimic with AI). People working effectively from home opens up and makes movements towards replacement by AI or outsourced team easier. If your teams are working from home, AI can learn more as all ‘important’ movements are carried out online. If you can have a designer working from home, you may be able to save money having a designer in the Philippines or a designer from France that lives in the Philippines or a regional city doing the work. 


And then there is the ‘who is at most risk’ question? Those that are at most at risk are said to be those that have lower health, immunity problems or existing health problems. Well, what would happen if let’s say a large percentage of those with existing health problems left the hospitals for the graveyards. It would be terrible. A disaster. Over the longer term would it be economical disaster? It would certainly be an economic disaster if it took out the working classes. 


So on the Macro level, yes economical concern. But for you now. For you and your family…


The biggest thing I want people to know is it is OK. Just as life in China is starting to resume, life in the west will get there. It’s just we are on our way IN, while China is on the way OUT. With that, maybe we should be watching whats happening and happened in places like China, HK, Singapore, Japan. Instead of Italy! (I’ve got training in Italy in May, Norway in June, I haven’t booked those flights and will wait. I am running a ICF & NLP Training in Bali in July, I have booked flights and booked a hotel for 20 people.


Manipulation at home….

If you found yourself watching more news or social media especially in the morning watch out you are being brainwashed. Just the same, if you are sitting outside watching the birds and trees every morning you are being brainwashed by mother nature. No one, including me, can sit there and watch 20 minutes of TV and not be influenced by it. What the world needs right now is more family time, more time listening empathetically to each other. Yet right now Netflix & Pornhub usage is going through the roof and the parks are empty. 


What to do instead…

It is an excellent time to take the family to the countryside. Two of my French clients in China took their families to their parents home town in the French countryside at the very start of the outbreak. They returned to China had their quarantine and now resuming work. 


Another client in the south has also been with inlaws a couple of hours drive from their home. They spent a lot of time together and working remotely. Life is now more returning to normal. 


It looked very scary for Singapore and Hong Kong but they are getting life back on track. 


More manipulation…

Now what I see in Western Media isn’t a focus on calming or preparing people. It’s shocking people with death tolls but this is BUSINESS. Media is a business. If reporters go to China and come back with footage of people being calm, following rules the reporters won’t get paid it really is that simple! Media reports are worthless until they are bought or paid for (directly or indirectly). If reporters don’t come back with something that can be sold, there is no money in it and they wouldn’t go. If they can really find or make something appear controversial they get paid. The worse their report is, the more the report is worth! Simple business fundamentals. 


As these crises go on, a small number of people make big gains while the majority are at effect. 

If you want to be less at the effect and taking charge in your life, let me know. Our training, our coaches, maybe even my own coaching, maybe just what it takes to turn things around for you.


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