There are many ‘Keys’ to dating, however,  you have to be complete and happy with yourself first. Sounds quite simple ?And yes it is.

Life quotes from Buddha
Once you get your head in the right place (with or without a little coaching), dating will simply be so much easier. These sum it up:healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy heart.

By investing in a healthier lifestyle, you will naturally feel better about your self. A little daily meditation, exercise, socialization, bonding with family and rest are all ways to make your self feel better. Looking after your health and weight better would certainly help you attract the opposite sex, you know you feel so much better about yourself when you’re feeling healthy (here is an article we wrote on losing weight using your mobile phone). This naturally leads to better dating.

A lot of the time when your not having success with something, its easy to feel down or depressed. There is a bad obvious catch here. Feeling down, brings you down, you meet someone and your down!  If your not having success at the moment with say dating, or even your finances, try concentrating on something else for a little bit. Try spending a little time improving another area of your life. Perhaps something as simple as going for a long run, walk, or bike ride. Perhaps spending time with family. Then later come back and tackle the dating or finances again.

I strongly encourage a plan to improve all areas of your life as this leads to better dating.  Love, health, friendships, family, finance are all intertwined.

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  1. Alexandra says:

    That’s true. Because you can’t truly love someone when you don’t know how to love yourself. Love and Respect should always start within you. I really like this site, I really love the quote. 5 stars for you Adrian!

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