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I would like to share with you my most recommended first date tip. It’s simple but so needed. If you don’t know it yet, you have to try it. Traditionally, the men ask the women out; however that is so yesterday. In today’s world, women can definitely ask the men out.

First date. Ok, you met online or briefly at a bar, in line at the super market, a friend of a friends, perhaps a completely blind date. The secret is to make it short, sweet and easily excitable!

Romantic dinners are for later on in the relationship or for first dates back in the 60’s.


first dateThe 21st Century First Date Tip :


“Anna, nice to meet you the other day. Let’s do lunch tomorrow; there is a great new place right near your work.

What do you say?

40-50minutes max. I have to get back to my work after.”


Let’s look at that. There is purpose, lunch. There is safety, 40 minutes maximum in a public place. It’s so casual and easy. It’s hard to say no!


I strongly recommend making all your first dates’ non-romantic; with casual and limited time frame. If everything goes well, stick to your time frame! If everything goes really well, still stick to your time frame! If all goes well, 40-50 minutes will leave them wanting more and sets up better chances for the scene for the 2nd date. If you’re not compatible (or if they’re not the same attractive, fun person you thought they were) it’s easy to walk away after.


If you are reading this and have a story or any tips on what to do or not on dating, please do include them in the comments section below. It would be great to hear about your experiences. 

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  1. Yves says:

    Your blogs are very interesting. especially in the dating category. Practical and honest. Thanks Adrian!

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