Its 4pm in Shanghai,

I have a new apartment here with 2 spare rooms. I put up my places on AirBnB and Couch Surfing.

Yesterday I got a message from an AirBnB person, Jessica from Seoul, wanting to rent out the room for  a few night. We exchanged a couple of messages, then she booked the room. Not quiet sure if there are any penalty fees yet or references if we cancel, its just the start of my hosting on AirBnB.

Last month I had a great AirBnB experience. My Friend John and I rented out an apartment on Honk Kong Island. Everything was smooth and easy.

John has a full write up on AirBnB here

For a quick $25USD head start use this link  or go through Johns,

Many people know me through CouchSurfing (CS). I have one of the biggest or most experienced profile for CS in China and Australia. I struggle to find  a couch in Hong Kong, I struggle to get a couch anytime I travel with a partner.
Today, and actually occasionally, I get phone calls from people that have found my phone number on my CS profile. Today I got one from a girl asking about renting out my spare room. Lucky for my Intuition and Experience in CS. I asked her to write to me on CS or send a picture sms of some identification, as I have a house and I need to know who you are. She hung up and sent a pile of SMS’s saying I was stupid. This continued with more saying I was a pig. Poor thing clearly needs help. If I was an in-experienced Couch Surfer, I may have hosted her.

Despite having my couch set to Open I have not got what I would consider a fair to nice CS request in some months. On AirBnB, I’m getting nice request from people that want to pay a little to use my house (room or couch) and they have profiles and a verification system with much more integrity then CS. I still love what CS has done for me, and have my CS friends, and even regularly attend CS meetups. However for hosting, I’m using AirBnB.

If you are thinking about the same,

Go to Johns write up

Or go straight to your free credit here.


Are you using CS?  My profile is here. Its just that my experience and time here, provides very good reasoning to my opinions and credibility.

My CS Profile

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