Do you remember (or perhaps your still there), when you were in your young twenties, having a night out with your buddies, in one of your favourite locations. This night you were really in your moment. You met a special someone. You kick it off greatly, you have a good understanding of each other or things in common. Maybe they knew one of your friends. Connected somehow. The stars aligned. With this person you shared the stories or knowledge of some events or things that happen in the past. You plan something for the future. Perhaps a coffee, another date or more.

That is LUCK.

Recently I was visiting my Sister in Brisbane Australia. I was walking in the city and an attractive lady was near by walking the same direction. We were 10 or so meters away. Understanding fear I quickly made the move and broke the ice with her. Making a quick and almost Instant Connection. She looked Korean so I just tried my luck and said hello in Korean. I demonstrated an understanding and connection with her culture and knowledge of what its like living in a new city. Exchange Kakao Talk (Like Skype) details and met up a few days later for lunch.

That was very rewarding and LUCK.

Luck is based on the following ingredients:


Weather its dating, making money, or playing basket ball, the same ingredients are required. 

Look quickly at Warren Buffet. He is in the game of Investing, that is his location. He isn’t on the Basket Ball court or Holly Wood.

He Understands the Stock Trading Game. He has the connections, so much so that the deals come to him. Lastly he has the Knowledge to play and win.

Michael Jordan, He isn’t playing Golf. He is tall and into Basket Ball. That is his location. He Understands the Game, what it takes to win. He is connected with multiple teams. The other players on the court. His coach, marketing manager, advisors. His knowledge is in the game of Basketball, and he knows it well. He doesn’t know Marketing or Branding. He has a branding manager for that.


How does LUCK affect you

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