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Having been to some 70+ countries or so. I’m frequently asked about what travel gadgets I carry. I made this list for my readers and friends.

The following are the travel gadgets I always bring while travelling:

GoPro2 HD:

When traveling, we want to be as smart and light as possible. I don’t mind spending a bit more products are going to produce good results. I’m not a professional photographer. I’m a light weight traveler. So I recommend the GoPro range. It’s one of the best Video Cameras in the market. It’s very unique, different and most popular. It features a small Fish Eye Lens capturing 170 Degrees. That’s huge! It’s also very power efficient as there is no display, take photographs and videos, and look at them much later. No time zooming in and out at party shots, just take them or take burst shorts. Go Pro is the best when doing adventure, especially Motorbike Riding around Thailand or Goa. It’s only downfall is lack of flash so night shots can be a bit blurred. Still, I used the camera in video mode in some of the best clubs in the world.

 Go pro HD




Smart Phone

Normally I would recommend using an old phone as buying the latest and greatest but costly. However, on my last trip to Hong Kong, I gave in and bought a Samsung S4. I’m actually not so impressed as my old Samsung did most the same things, was much smaller and a third of the price. I would recommend older smartphones for travelers. New phones make you more of a target for criminals.

In validating my S4: Replaces a camera more than ever, big screen for maps, reading ebooks, recording interviews, almost replaces my laptop. However an older smart phone can do most of this.

I have a separate post for Mobile Phone Apps which you should definitely check out. Another less known tip is to have a little piece of paper with a note tucked in between your phone and its protective case. On this note leave an alternative phone number, email address and a little message, something like “thank you so much if you can return me, there will be a small reward as well not to mention a lot of good Karma”. Simply way to help get your phone back if lost.  A lot of people that find phones/camera really want to return them to their owners; it’s simply a matter of making it possible for them.




MiLi Power Crystal PowerCell

This is the most important gadget I carry. My Power Cell comes with a pile of attachments. Normally I just carry 2 attachments which allow me to quickly recharge the Power Cell itself, my Smart Phone (Samsung S4), GoPro, External Speaker, PicoPix (Portable lightweight travel projector).

 mili power




As I do some presentations while traveling, I carry a PicoPix. Recently I had a break from traveling and did some teaching work. For the kids I would often play English videos and songs using the PicoPix. It was so much fun. Not to mention staying in a hotel room or at a friend’s place and being able to share my personal and all time favourite movies with this little device. I also have some 1hour Music Video’s from Ministry of Sound, DJ Tiesto and Triple J which are great for small parties. This device works for about 2 hours per charge, just enough for watching  a movie. It can connect to laptop, USB drives or Micro SD card.

 pico pix




When I started backpacking in 2007 I used my 15inch Toshiba laptop. Thank God those days are over. In 2009 I broke the laptop screen while being squashed on a train with a big crew of youngsters coming from the famous Exit Festival in Serbia to Budapest Hungary. In 2010, I finally got a mini Laptop. 10 Inch Asus Eee PC which I still have today (well in the cupboard at mum and dad’s). In 2012, I upgraded to a 12.1 Inch Asus Eee PC which I find just the right size for me. Size matters. I would love to go a Mac Air, however the Mac Operating System is something I’m not excited to learn. Next might be a Lightweight super fast 12.1 Inch or perhaps I abolish Laptop for a larger SmartPhone. Hmmmmm. Lightweight Travel, Rise of the Roaming Entrepreneur is here. Isn’t it great to be alive today.


 Here you have it guys, the travel gadgets I travel around the world with. Feel free to share with us the travel gadgets you bring with while traveling. Have a techy travelling guys!

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