Mobile phone applications can do much more than just entertain us. Being a Personal Development specialist I love using my Smart Phone to enhance my life. Sure my phone can’t make me a coffee, however it can be used to help me keep fit and on track for making constant improvements.

I have tried many. Some with success and some were just a waste of time. Lets share knowledge and post your most recommended Apps.

The following are the Best Mobile Phone Applications:


WeChatbody language


digical calendar

Evernotemy daily success

nature soundopera mini














WeChat, Chinese version of Whats Up, Kakao, and Skype all put together. This is slowly expanding outside of China. Having used many application programes on my journey I have to say this is by far the best as at 2013. I simply get annoyed by people trying to contact me on other systems now.  Favourite feature, when busy, you simply send a voice message. no need to tap each letter, just record up to 1 minute of voice and send. However I guess we have to wait till the population catches up

Body Language, a simple game teaching and improving one’s ability to notice and understand Facial Micro Expressions. This game has greatly improved my natural ability to communicate with people. If only everybody would play this game instead of Crazy Birds.

Dropbox, I use this on my computer as well. It automatically uploads all my camera photos and video when in WiFi areas. Its great for sharing files between different devices, computers and very easy to share folders with family, friends or Outsourced staff. Right now I have the ability to spontaneously do an interview, record it with my mobile phone, upload it to Dropbox and have my Virtual Assistant turn it into a blog or article, and return it in under a day.

DigiCal. Calendar, the Android and Iphone standard calendars simply are not enough for successful people. Your calendar should have a large Widget so you can easily see appointments, goals for the day. For my preferences the calendar must also sync with google calendar. (Many roaming entrepreneurs use Google Applications to keep our data mobile and in synch)

Evernote, if I wake up in the night and have some crazy idea, I no longer turn on a light and write it down. I simply turn on this app and make a sound recording. In the morning the app has synchronised with my desktop and the note/sound/image is there. Also has email and share functions.

My Daily Success, put in your daily goals, Ie. Eating salads, drinking 2L of water, exercising, increasing vocabulary, installing a new habit. With this app your goals are then presented in a large Widget so you see them and easily tick them off as their accomplished. The Widget changes colour once all goals are completed. Complete all before sleeping everyday!

Nature Sound, after some time this has become an essential app. I use it for sleeping or going into meditation while on planes or in noisy places.  I will post a separate blog about self-hypnosis tracks which put me to sleep on planes later.

Opera Mini, an Internet explorer however you can easily save pages for reading later. I regularly look up the cities and countries I’m visiting on WikiTravel and save their pages instead of carrying Guide Books.

Skyscanner, one time I was stuck at an Australian Airport. JetStar wouldn’t let me on my flight to Japan as I didn’t have an ongoing ticket pre-purchased to exit Japan. I’ve entered Japan twice without this however this time the Airline insisted I buy an ongoing ticket. I had little choice but to buy one through them. Luckily I had this application installed. Within 10 minutes I had booked the cheapest possible ticket out of Japan on a new discount airline for a fraction of the price.

TED, from (note I’ve been fortunate enough to speak at two TEDx events now). TED is full of 3-20 minute videos of “Inspirational ideas worth sharing”. While in WiFi area, I can quickly download some interesting, motivating or inspiring talks for the commute to work or next flight.

Now its workout time:

max capacity


Max Capacity, lots of legs and full body workouts designed around your capacity. It increases your capacity. I had great success with this app.



Daily Ab Workout


Daily Ab Workout, every 2nd day for the last 4 months I have been doing this work out. I’ve increased the time, had exercises on 3 different programs, plus random. And I complete it all while a person on the application does it as well. Its like have a friend to do it with. Results yes. (My only Paid Application)



That’s it guys, please have a try of one or two of these mobile phone applications. Only try a one or two at a time though in order to adapt gradually. If your phone is slow, try removing some old unused app’s as they frequently take up space and some even slow down your phone even when not in use.



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