Firstly let me remind you, richness is not just term that means having a lot of money. And I think this is where people often go wrong.

I know this because, this is exactly where I went wrong.

And this cost me …

Over half of everything I owned.

A lot of friendships.

Most of my health.

I regularly had ulcers in my mouth from stress.

Alcohol problems.


Just as Chocolate can be rich, your life can be rich, without a million dollar bank balance. But sometimes entrepreneurs or those driven for success can forget this valuable point.

Being Rich

 Think about this for a minute.

Is it more important that I am being rich. Or am rich.



For me, I like to use the sentance being rich to draw attention to the concept of being.Being present, being aware, being in abundance. I would prefer to ‘be’ in richness than to say have it in a bank balance.

Richness can be in love, in love from family, friendships or intimate relationships.

Richness in health, in able body or appreciation and gratitude for the simple gift of a breath.

Richness in personal characteristics or content.

Richness in having the courage to stand up for myself and my friends.

Richness in mindfulness and bliss.

Richness in freedom to pursue my passions.



One of my favourite Coaching techniques (in 2012 anyway) is a Holistic Trial Balance. It’s a trial balance for your life.

This simple trial balance can be used to measure or check on the most important areas of your life. And if you want a spreadsheet just for money, there is a link for one at the bottom.

The Holistic Trial Balance


1. Start with a piece of paper and fold it into half, then into half, then into half again. Now you will have 8 squares. Label these squares: Finance, Health, Personal Development, Recreation, Social, Love, Family, and Community.

2. In the top right of each square, place a rating between 1-10 regarding how important this square is in your life. How important is Finance to your life right now. 10 for most important, 1 for the lowest. You can repeat the same number, you can have 3 x 10’s if that is the case. You could even add extra boxes as you get the hang of this exercise.

3. Spend 30 seconds to a couple of minutes on each square. Next to the rating, give a score as to how you are doing in this square right now.

4. Next write some points to work on in each square. For example, Finance 9 / 4 (finance is really important but scoring poorly) – Set up a savings Account – Negotiate a rise – Garage sale.

5. Repeat the process when you feel necessary or what I really strongly suggest is to schedule it in your calendar for the first Sunday of EVERY MONTH.




It is amazing how effective this is. Just by writing this out, you can clarify a lot to yourself and it’s surprising how many points are completed.

We will look at investing in terms of money later. However, please always remember, the best investment you can make is in your self.

Be Rich

If you like you can click here to get access to a free Financial Trial Balance for measuring your net wealth.

In my early 20’s I was 90% focused on financial wealth. It kind of worked really well. I made a lot of money until the quality of other area’s in my life became so deteriorated that they suddenly and unexpectedly fell apart.

Life is delicate and you can be rich in any area of life. Just need to be aware that an outside, or third person perspective can be priceless. Being to rich in one area can cause problems. As can being too weak.

Remember, the chain breaks at the weakest link.

Thank you for your time.

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    Thanks, this methods has hreatly helped me, for give priority to important things and ge balance in my life, a richer life

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