no powerpointIf you use Power Point for presentations. You should really check this out.


Tired of boring presentations? Or are you tired of presentations that could be great only the Power Point Presentation (PPT) puts you to sleep.

The other day, I was in a seminar and the presenter was using PPT. The speaker was great, but the power point slide show really put half of the audience to sleep. The speaker also read out the slides word for word. Why say it when you have it up there for the audience to read.

Your presentation should motivate and inspire people, should it not?

You can do better and there is an easy way to do it.

Introducing Prezi Presentation

Its time to update your style and present in unique 21st century ways. Use Prezi Presentation to put in drama and charisma into your presentations!



Prezi is not your usual slide-based presentation tool. Prezi acts as a blank canvas, allowing the user to decide how they’d like to present the whole thing. In relation to PPT, it allows the user to follow a particular “path” through the slides much creatively. It gives the user the freedom to zoom out and look at the bigger picture, all the slides either in a line, in a circle or perhaps in a tree like our example. This zoom feature allows the freedom to zoom into relevant slides to show fine detail or perhaps even multimedia video clips. Perhaps the audience knows some slides very well so instead of boring them or skipping quickly through slides, you can hover over them while partially zoomed in, or skip them altogether easily.



I asked my assistant Yves to figure it out for us. I knew what I wanted so I wrote it out on a giant sheet of paper, simply took a clear high res photograph and hours later Yves had figured it out and changed my paper plan into a Prezi Presentation.







NOTE: There are paid and unpaid options!! you can use the free version.  This was all done on a free account.  If you really want to access the full paid version let me know, perhaps we can share an account.


Pros and Cons: Prezi vs. PPT

  • Prezi VS PowerpointPower Point is the industry standard. It’s well used. It works. It’s proven. It’s reliable and offline. It also has a mixed reputation. Many people associate it with boring talks.
  • PPT is like a book. Pages go in order, 1 2 3 4. With Prezi’s zoom feature, Prezi is more like a map. You can scan over the map and zoom in on any relevant page you like, when you like.
  • Prezi is just getting started, its new and fresh. It adds a new element to your presentation. People will be more interested in what your showing on the screen for this reason alone.
  • Presi is online, easily shareable. On the other hand, you can also use Prezi without having an internet connection by downloading the Prezi Desktop.
  • Prezi is more interactive. With Prezi you can keep clicking the mouse or a key on your keyword to view each part of the presentation.
  • Prezi is super creative. With so many drafts available, you can simply turn a 1 2 3 4 page PPT, into a 1 2 3 4 Mountain or Trail following adventure. Or as you can see our Demo, using The Tree of Life template, we called it “The Tree of Growth”.


Below are some of the greatest Prezi Presentations that you will see:


Try using Prezi now! If your too busy but would like some Prezi made for your next big talk, perhaps you may like to ask my assistant to make one for you or simply convert your old PPT into a Prezi Presentation.

Please if you have used Prezi or like to provide feedback comment below. Have a great presentation!

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  1. Donz says:

    A well-designed presentation, just like a movie. A good presentation deck uses visuals and text to convey a message. Movies do the same with moving images and good-looking background images. That’s why i like prezi than MS power point.

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