You can never be productive if you take on too many commitments, you just extend yourself too thin and will not be capable of getting everything done. It’s the simple TRUTH.  We all like to do so many things, all at once. Especially the driven, creative or motivated individuals. However we have to focus and get good results. We need to learn the art of saying NO!

Like any other skill, it takes practice. And it is true, practice makes perfect. In fact, learning to say no can be the most significant personal, proficient development tool one can have.


road to successSaying no is hard for most of us, yet it comes with a great reward:

  • Provides sufficient time for what matters most.
  • Conserve your energy for your priorities.
  • Can give others opportunities to work and grow with you.
  • Permits more time to manage your plan.
  • Builds your self-worth by facing and overcoming your doubts.
  • Shows and improves your focus on the target areas.
  • Reduces your stress load that will ultimately improve calmness.





say noAs well as having a to do list, try having a “not to do list:”

  • Will not take on new business opportunities until the current project is finished.
  • Will not check email or social media until 11am in the morning.
  • No eating fried food. No Candy. No softdrinks.
  • No coffee in the morning and at night.
  • No business calls when spending time with family.
  • No work talk at home. No work stress brought home.
  • No complaining and bickering.
  • No postponing gym or exercise!



Saying no over and over again to these things builds up power. The no comes more powerful and we build up strength to fight off the negativity that surrounds us everyday. Fight back and take control of your life. Learn to say no positively!

Some people may say no to this post. They may say focus on saying yes. Yes yes yes. Ok, that may be true. There may be more power in saying yes. Why not try to practice the Art of saying no and see how it goes. Perhaps it may work or it would simply provide some advantages for you.

Don’t just “work smart,” work smart on the right things.

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  1. Trevor Stauffer says:

    Hey Adrian, once again a great post. I really enjoy the ‘self control’ aspect of how a simple “No” in everyday situations can determine one’s own ability in a variety of situations. Great post!

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