Outsourcing FAQ:


Q. What is Adrian’s Outsourcing Partners all about?

Adrian’s Outsourcing Partners is an on and off-line group of staff based in Cebu, Philippines. They provide very high level and affordable support for Small Business, Entrepreneurs and ‘normal’ people predominantly from Australia.

Since 2011 Adrian has been involved with Outsourcing and visited the Philippines on regular occasions. Adrian being a former soldier has trained staff accordingly and ‘runs a tight ship’.

“Outsourcing should be easy, but without good help and guidance it’s not. There is lots of fluff about Outsourcing and loads of over pricing. By using my team, my name is at Stake. Adrian Cahill is my real name, has been since 1981. We currently have systems, accounts and management in place to slowly take on additional clients.”  –          Adrian, 8th September 2013


Q. What are the services that Adrian’s Outsourcing Partners offers?

  • Virtual Assistant Services
    • Data Entry
    • Web Research
    • Email Management
    • Article Writing
    • Blog Posting
    • Other Administrative Tasks
  • Proofreading Services
  • SEO Services
  • WordPress Development/Designing Services


Q. Are your services cost effective?

Yes. When you outsource to Adrian’s Outsourcing Partners you’ll be assured of saving more than 50% of your standard administration staff costs. Although we provide our customers with cost-competitive services, we do not compromise on quality. Be aware, tasks generally take more time when outsourced especially if tasks don’t have a system or set procedure. Our Management can suggest time saving procedures such as having your VA calling you and using a Skype Recorder or a voice messaging system so you can explain tasks quickly and easily.

Some of the most cost effective Outsourced tasks include:

  • Regularly repeated tasks. Sorting emails, scanning Google Alerts, Gumtree, and the like. Simple repetitive task
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing) ie. Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Reception and online support. We can advise on how to get Australian Phone numbers and have them diverted to your VA, for a fraction of the standard price you it would cost to have a full time receptionist.
  • SEO, 2013/14 style. Have our team create real profiles and have them participating in real forums where they can promote your products.
  • Website/Wordpress creation. Ideal for Outsourcing


Q. What are the qualifications that your employees hold?

We hire only qualified and experienced professionals to ensure that we provide our customers with quality solutions. We can assure you that our employees are qualified in their specific field. Our staff can also study new methods, courses, programs as desired by you.

Note: Most skills required are not taught, they are developed. Plus, most current Degrees do not teach work ethic. Any staffs with poor work ethic are simply fired after two to three warnings max. Something you can’t do so easily with your regular staff.


Q. I just want a simple webpage. How much will that cost?

For this we could register your domain, create a simple WordPress site for you.  This site here  http://awesomejapanesehelp.com/ was done for a total cost of around $100 USD. Some of the Graphics were provided by her. This site here http://johnkaimins.com/  was around $80 USD. Both sites took less than a week. Sayako and John are friends of mine, so they payed me on completion.


Q. If I Outsource to Adrian’s Outsourcing Partners, what is the method of payment?

We have various payment options available: Standard Debit/Credit Cards. Direct Deposit. Bank Transfer. Paypal. We also have bank accounts in Australia, China and Philippines.

American Express and Cheques are not accepted.

For works under $200AUD. Payment on completion may be approved. For works over $200AUD: 50% payment in advance, remainder on completion.


Q. I want to Outsource with Adrian’s Outsourcing Partners, what should I do?

Very simple. Look over what tasks you feel you can Outsource and write a simple email for us. Alternatively you are most welcome to call Adrian directly on +61 2 80 113 118 for a free simple and straight up consultation.


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