0 dollars


$0 Investment

7 x 24 = 168 hrs in a week

7 x 8 = 56 hrs for sleep

1. How does your normal week go?

On the above maths, after sleep you have 112 hrs left and work typically is 40-60hours a week.

To start investing, analyze your time. Where did those hours go?

2. Minimize time wasting. Minimize expenses.

Often people unnecessarily spend money. Make the decision to save that money, and spend that time more efficiently.

Three Simple examples:

1. Taking your partner, date, or friend to the movies versus bringing a date to a picnic with a few friends.

2. Watching a series of new entertaining TV show versus watching an educational program about the basics of money, watching Tony Robbins, or reading a book!

3. Hours on Facebook/Youtube looking at funny things versus reading blogs like mine about success, health, and spirituality.

3. Make a solid decision to move forward and make better use of your time every single day.

This progression of reducing expenses (money, time and energy expenses) and maximization of these precious resources is the start of you investment journey.

4. Moving forward with caution or velocity?

If you’re  investing energy and time in a better body, you may want to study better health principles before trying a diet.

If you’re investing for your Money read more about money or come play Cashflow 101 before starting to trade currency.

Using your resources productively is the big start!

You can make the big start easier by little steps.

Whats the first little baby steps you could do this week that improve your resource management?

Whats the baby step you can do TODAY?

From the material I share, there is enough to start! There is no need to dive into Stocks, options, CFD’s, and the like.

How did I start?

Time is MoneyMy first investments was a bucket, sponge and a bottle of detergent. I started washing cars around the neighborhood for less than $5 each.

Later, I read a pile of books about investing. The start of my “Investing Career” or “Pivotal Moment” was around my 19th birthday when I realized that I had worked at least casually to part time since I was 14 but hadn’t actually saved anything. My net worth zip. Have you ever felt like that. Like, darn I’ve been working so hard but have nothing to show for it!

I decided to put my foot down. I minimized my expenses, and spent all of the spare time and money educating myself. Once I saved $500AUD I started my first trade on the Australian Share Market. Although I paid $60 in entry and exit fees I did it because it was the first steps! Once the money was in, I kept going cause I could see the value of that investment growing everyday just from reading the newspaper. (Back in the old days).

If you don’t have the time to start learning about Share Trading, there are easier options. There are always options. Just have to start.



A lot of people ask me about Financial Investing, to start you really have to review steps 1 – 4 regularly.

Start investing now!

Go to the Free Resources page where you can find free resources showing you specifically how to measure you net wealth, cashflow and also, assess your current Wealth Mindest!

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  1. Andrew says:

    “I realized that I had worked since I was a kid but hadn’t actually saved nothing.”- While reading your article, this line really hit me. You’re right, me too. I’ve been working hard for so long but still I don’t have any savings! MINIMIZE expenses and MAXIMIZE time, I would surely follow these. Thanks for the guidelines!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the feedback Andrew! It really feels good when you inspire someone. Feel free to share with us later how it affects your life. Have a great time mate!

  2. Donz says:

    “Minimize time wasting. Minimize expenses.” This article really helps people especially teenagers who spend money on nonsense things. Thanks Adrian for tips on how to save money.

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