Roles of an SEO

Hiring an SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist:


a)      Perform keyword research in coordination with client business objectives to optimize existing content and uncover new opportunities.Web Traffic

b)      Provide SEO analysis and recommendations in coordination with elements and structure of websites and web pages.

c)      Provide recommendations and execute strategies for content development in coordination with SEO goals – general and keyword specific.

d)      Administer search engine programs (XML sitemaps, shopping feeds, webmaster tools) for purposes of diagnostic reporting on client projects.

e)      Help to create and support marketing content to socialize and use them for social media purposes (e.g. customer videos briefs, customer case studies, blog posts, posts from analysts and customers).

f)       Implement link building campaigns in coordination with clients’ SEO goals.

g)      Research and administer social media tools in support of clients’ social media strategy.



Typical Tasks of an SEO:

On-site SEO:

a)       Review your keyword density; title tag, image alt attributes, and meta tags.

b)       Make the page attractive with images that complement the content.

c)       Add appropriate and informative links to other great on-site content as well as links to highly-authoritative websites. This will achieve SEO co-citation, but in a very natural and user-friendly fashion.

d)       Apply authorship code and attributes for any special features on the page such as videos.

Off-site SEO:

  • Micro Blogging
  • Blog Commenting
  • Forum Posting
  • Article Submission
  • Press Release
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Guest Posting
  • Participate in Social Networking Sites







We are looking for a self-motivated individual with experience and skills in SEO.

Applicant must have 2 years or more experience in SEO or other related marketing strategy, able to write articles and understand the Google algorithm updates (2013 Penguin and Panda). Applicant must have the ability to meet project deadlines, exceptional English communication (both written and verbal) and organizational skill and has the ability to work quickly without sacrificing quality.


Applicant must be willing to work for at least a medium to long term (6months +).

-Expected to work on a regular basis completing tasks within 48hours (preferably 24hours).

-Complete tasks within 48hours (preferably 24hours).

– Willing and ready to start ASAP.

– Able to communicate with us over Skype during standard business hours (AEST or London time). This is a must. We may give instructions verbally as it is quicker and more efficient. You can work at your own time provided you can complete tasks within our deadlines.

– Must provide sample of previous work.

– Prepared to undergo a Link Building Test.

– Successful applicants will then are required for a Skype interview.

Please ensure you include your Skype name, examples of your previous work, and any questions in your reply to this position. Thank you and have a great day.


PS. Who are we?

We are …… (2-4 sentences about your organization and its goals)





1. Eliminate time wasters, focus on possible hires:

a)      Ignore any applications that do not clearly fit our listed criteria.

b)     Those who has salary expectation outside our minimum – maximum pay.

c)      If requested English level required is highly-exceptional, no major errors is acceptable.

d)      If requested English level required is medium, no more than 3 errors is acceptable.

e)      Choose before hand if you want experienced staff or willing to try new members.

f)       Applications must show some evidence of being unique, showing that they actually read our advertisement, not simply copy pasting to every job position.


2. Asses the remainder of applications based on our job description:

a)      Look for those who meet all of the requirements.

b)      Look for evidence of being proactive or other important behavioral qualities.

c)      Asses their personality. Staff needs to be focused on achieving tasks, making things happen and going the extra mile, rather than staff that will do what is easy and comfortable. Staff that do only the minimum may still be capable, however not ideal.


3. Send 2-3 short questions to any suitable applicants:

a)      Availability, desired work hours (time and duration)?

b)      Future goals, aspirations?

c)      Experience, evidence of their experience?

d)      What makes this job attractive?

e)      Send more information on the position.

f)       Request that they complete basic test if they meet the initial requirements.


4. Send test for all continuing prospects:

a)      Hi, thank you for your application and time. In order for us both to save time would you mind completing a 10 minute test? It is for testing our ability to work together.

b)      Please also add the time it took, all the answers to our previous questions, along with your Skype and email address to the bottom of your test.

c)      Test is at the end of this article.


5. All completed and returned tests are now the filtered job applications:

a)      Look  who has fulfilled task 100% with all details. Including their details.

b)      Who has made sense of the document?

c)      Who has presented it in a reasonable format with heading, bold, italics, etc.?

d)     Give thanks and apologize to those who didn’t qualify. Let them know why nicely.


6. Skype Interview:

a)      Before you start the interview, ask them to install”Ifreeskype recorder,” a simple free program to record the conversations which can be replayed later and can be used for training.

b)      Start with general greeting because they are often nervous.

c)      Develop an understanding of their situation.

d)      If suitable, provide information on our goals.

e)      Thank them. Ask if they have any questions. If unsure, let them know we will get back to them in the next 10 days. (This way if we hire someone else, and it falls through, we have this candidate still possibly available.)

f)       If an applicant is qualified, proceed right away so that we can have them start their first task which also tests them further before we say no to other suitable applicants.

g)      Set out your first  tasks for them clearly. Have them reply with an email outlining what the task is together with any questions they may have and how they are going to answer them. Highlight deadlines and priorities. Short deadlines.


7. On receipt of this email:

At the receipt of this email, it should be really clear if the staff understands the tasks given from the Skype interview. If this email is very off track or wrong, there may have big problems ahead. Having staff confirm tasks in detail is vital in Outsourcing. Provided they understand your tasks set out in Skype or Email, you can now start the contract.


8. In the first week:

Start tasks clearly, and build up from there. It is possible that your new staff will clearly understand everything including your intent . However, start with small tasks then build up. Also look at awarding a quick bonus to make up for excess time spent in the interview. Emphasize fair pay for fair work. Match the best work for the best bonus.


9. Longer term:

Look at other ways to keep staff motivated and happy. We have a few suggestions that you can give them. Once you have spent a lot of time with your staff, they become more valuable and harder to replace. Take care of them. They are real people with families, lives and dreams of their own too.


Search Engine Optimization ProcessIn addition, for SEO we suggest:

  1. The applicant should produce a previous proven track record as an effective SEO specialist.
  2. Give a new 2 sets of exam. (Exams are in the last page of this document) the first set of exams – we will test them if they truly understand the Google algorithm updates (Panda and Penguin) and if they know how to build quality links. The second set of exam – we will test their SEO strategies.)
  3. You will give the applicants 2 sets of exam before hiring them. A VA who has a knowledge and skills on SEO or an SEO expert can be the one who will check their exams if they really have SEO skills. If you have no experience in SEO, we strongly suggest that you research what it all means first, or have a VA/Web Manager advise and test the candidates. A bad SEO can damage your business, you must be careful.

1st set of exam:

3.1.     What’s with the little wingdings? What’s the difference between  “no-follow” and “do-follow” links?

3.2.    Discuss briefly the Google Algorithm updates. (In your own words)


2nd set of exam:

  • Backlink 1
    • Link Promoted:
    • Keywords: How To Get Rich
    • Backlink URL (site):
    • Type of Site Where Link is Found:
    • Reason for using the keywords, site, Methods Used
    • Time taken to promote this link:
    • Username Used:
    • Password Used:
  • Backlink 2
    • Link Promoted:
    • Keywords: How To Get Rich
    • Backlink URL (site):
    • Type of Site Where Link is Found
    • Reason for using the keywords, site, Methods Used
    • Time taken to promote this link:
    • Username Used:
    • Password Used:
  • Backlink 3
    • Link Promoted:
    • Keywords: How To Get Rich
    • Backlink URL (site):
    • Type of Site Where Link is Found:
    • Reason for using the keywords, site, Methods Used.
    • Time taken to promote this link:
    • Username Used:
    • Password Used:




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