Content Writer:

A content writer is an individual who specializes in providing relevant text and picture content for websites. They are a time saving asset for helping develop specific and regular content for your site. They can also be utilized to turn interviews, recordings, short stories into more relevant blog posts. Another possibility is the reverse. Your Content Writer, if skilled, could even turn your existing blogs into material for books or short stories. Of course this depends on their skills which may also affect their cost.

 content writer

Typical Tasks of Content Writer:

  • Research, write and edit web and intranet content from scratch.
  • Write web content based on material supplied by client or found elsewhere.
  • Edit print documents for publication online.
  • Edit web pages for on-screen readability.
  • Proofread to final copies depending on skill level.
  • Test and edit forms for usability.
  • Evaluate web sites for strategy, readability, legibility, find-ability, usability, interactivity and credibility.







Content Writer:

We are looking for a self-motivated individual with experience and skills in web content writing. In addition to writing, editing, and proofreading site content, this person will also work closely with the technical team to maintain site standards with regard to new development.

Applicant must have an understanding on the significance of keyword research and being familiar with the various online tools, knows to optimize each page for one or two keyword phrases and must be able to empathize with the needs that led your potential customer to the page your writing. This goes hand in hand with keyword research. Applicant must have the ability to meet project deadlines, exceptional English communication (both written and verbal) and organizational skill and has the ability to work quickly without sacrificing quality.



– Applicant must be willing to work for a Long term (6months +).

– Expected to work on a regular basis of (10-15 hours per week).

– Complete tasks within 48hours (preferably 24hours).

– Willing and ready to start ASAP.

– Able to communicate with us over Skype during standard business hours (AEST or London time). This is a must. We may give instructions verbally as it is quicker and more efficient. You can work at your own time provided you can complete tasks within our deadlines.

– Must provide sample of previous work.

– Prepared to undergo a 10-20minute Test.

– Successful applicants will then are required for a Skype interview.


Please ensure you include your Skype name, examples of your previous work, and any questions in your reply to this position. Thank you and have a great day.


PS. Who are we?

We are …… (2-4 sentences about your organization and its goals)






1. Eliminate Time wasters, focus on possible applicants:

a)      Ignore any applications that clearly do not fit our listed criteria.

b)      Any quotes outside our Minimum – Maximum Pay.

c)      If requested English level required is high-exceptional, no major errors acceptable.

d)      If requested English level required is medium, no more than 3 errors acceptable.

e)      Choose before hand, if using experienced staff or willing to try new members.

f)       Applications must show some evidence of being unique, showing that they actually read our advertisement, not simply copy pasting to every job position.


2. Asses remainder of applications based on our job description:

a)      Look for those fulfilling all requirements.

b)      Look for evidence of Pro-Active or other important behavioral qualities.

c)      Asses their personality. Staff needs to be focused on achieving tasks, making things happen and going the extra mile, rather than staff that will do the minimum. Staff that do only the minimum may still be capable, however not ideal.


3. Send 2-3 short questions to any suitable applicants:

a)      Availability, desired work hours (time and duration).

b)      Future Goals, aspirations.

c)      Experience, evidence of their experience or questions about their previous work.

d)      What makes this job attractive?

e)      Send more information on the position and your organizational.

f)       Request they complete basic test if everything is suitable.


4. Send test for all continuing prospects:

a)      Hi, thank you for your application and time. In order for us both to save time would you mind completing a 10 minute test? It is for testing our ability to work together.

b)      Please also add the time it took, all the answers to our previous questions, along with your Skype and email address to the bottom of your test.

c)      We want to include this. Perhaps a 3 minute Audio file or picture saying, thank you for applying, please write out for us your top 3 goals for the next year, your first and last name, your email address and Skype name, and then we will be happy to talk on Skype. Simple, thank you and have a good day.


5. All completed and returned Tests are now the job application:

a)      Looking at who has fulfilled task 100% with all details. Including their details.

b)      Who has made sense of the document?

c)      Who has presented it in a reasonable format with heading, bold, italics, etc?

d)      Thanks and apologies to those that is under skilled. Let them know why nicely.

e)      Thanks and move on to the Skype Interview for your final candidates.


6. Skype Interview:

a)      Before starting ask them to install, Ifreeskype recorder (to record the conversations which can be replayed at later date or for training).

b)      Start with general chat as they are often nervous.

c)      Develop and understanding of their situation.

d)      If suitable, provide information on our goals.

e)      Thank them, any questions. If unsure, let them know we will get back to them in the next 10 days. (This way if we hire someone else, and it falls through we have this candidate still possibly available.)

f)       If applicant suitable, proceed straight away so that we can have them start their first task which also tests them further before we say no to possible applicants.

g)      Set out your first clear tasks for them straight. Have them reply with an email outlining what the task is, any questions they may have and how they are going to achieve them. Highlighting deadlines and priorities. Short deadlines.


7. On receipt of this email:

At the receipt of this email, it should be really clear if the staff understand the tasks given from the Skype interview. If this email is very off track or wrong there may be big problems ahead. Having staff confirm tasks in detail is vital in Outsourcing. Provided they understand your tasks set out in Skype or Email, you can now start the contract.


8. In the first week:

Start tasks clearly, and build up from there. It is possible that your Staff will understand everything and your intent clearly. However, start small and build up. Also look at awarding a quick bonus to make up for excess time spent in the interview. Emphasize fair pay for fair work or your best work for the best bonus.


9. Longer term:

Look at other ways to keep staff motivated and happy. We have a few suggestions you can email us for them. Once you have spent a lot of time with your staff they become more valuable and harder to replace. Take care of them. They are real people with families, lives and dreams of their own too.





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