What is NLP?


The question I hear ever so often. Here is one of the best graphics I’ve seen.

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What is NLP (an honest overview in my words)

“The study of subjective experience”

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of how we think and communicate, with ourselves and with others.

Most people understand that you see a psychologist when you’re not thinking well, feeling depressed, suicidal etc. Psychologist from my experience with a small handful of them, they help you get ‘back on two feet’.

Coaching, on the other hand, more like perhaps going from two feet to a nice new Mercedes or enjoying a dance with a beautiful partner. As a professional Coach, NLP is part of my ‘toolkit’. I use it to help people optimize their life in various ways.

What does NLP Stand for:

Neuro, the nervous system – the mind and the sensory organs with which we receive and filter information through our five senses.

Linguistic, the way we communicate and interpret experience through language, including body language, images, sounds, feelings, tastes and smells as well as words.

Programming, the way we construct personal ‘programs’ (similar in some ways to computer programs) of thought, communication and behaviour

NLP was created basically by studying why and how some people (mainly world class coaches/psychologist/therapist) were able to achieve dramatically excellent results for their clients. Therefore the heart of NLP is helping people be excellent! Helping excellent people be even more excellent. Perhaps helping transfer excellence from one person to many. In the process, it leaves behind a trail of techniques.

Be aware, yes some people use it to profit. They are usually the ones without real certifications. In working with someone or taking professional advice, ALWAYS look for accreditations and references which can be tracked. There are many ‘content writers’ and very poorly trained people posing as trainers, master practitioners, NLP coaches.



What is NLP? Neuro Linguistic Programming is something that is available for you to learn or simply get the benefits of, when working with an experienced NLP Coach/Practitioner.

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