Adrian Program

Look, you may wonder why I write about this but it’s incredibly important to me.

I’ll never forget returning home after my 2nd year of backpacking. I meet my friend Maxy from New Zealand. One of the worlds wildest backpackers. And we are at my home town. And Maxy ask me, “Adrian, you don’t look happy.”

I had a blast around the world. I was going back out for more. But I wasn’t keeping balance.

I drank too much. Partied too hard. Put on a bit of weight and wasn’t achieving any more.

Around my waist there was a fair bit of weight. I weighed more than I ever had before. And I made a promise to myself that I would make my health a much higher priority.

From then on, no matter where I was, I would regularly visit gyms or workout regardless of location.

Ideally, I will hit the gym every 4th day of the week but no less than a workout a week.

Making that commitment to continually work our while traveling turned out to be the one of the best decisions I ever made. And it’s one not done by many.

I’ll never forget living with a girl friend in Romania and walking from her warm apartment, through the cold snow to go to a gym which looked much like any gym in Australia. Alternatively I remember going to a gym in Chiang Mai, a real local gym, not a commercial one, where we lifted things like car tires and blocks of cement.

When I can’t hit the gym like today, (Currently in Osaka Japan) I’m lucky to have my imagination….. And Army training.


It starts real simple and I want to share it with you so you can see how easy it can be.

1. I make a strong short coffee, and play some upbeat music

2. I write up my workout program.

3. Basically, the work is done. The coffee and writing it out is your commitment taken care of and since the coffee is kicking in….. Your going to get at it.


My preferred workouts are going from one muscle group the next. I may go through a cycle of 7 exercises like below. Or I may cycle between any 2 exercises. After completing one set, I rest that set of muscles while working out a different set.

I have a plan for hitting my core, arms and shoulders. Today, I have a space which is just 3 x 3 meters, which is like a lounge room/bed room of a friends house. I’m actually extremely blessed today. I have this space, privacy, some music, a fan (it’s summer), a blanket for padding, my backpack (can use as weight) and a bicycle which I’ll use after to ride down town to meet some friends later.


A Typical Workout Program and my program for today:

Adrian Program














Most of the time, I alter between 10-40 repetitions of each activity (push ups, dips, crunches etc) with varying sets (working through each activity once being a set). By trying different workout program, my muscles are constantly challenged, rather than adapting to the no. of reps. Variation is good for muscles too. When I’m building muscles, I increase weight or angles to make it harder. This is like running fast sprints as compared to long slow distance (LSD).

Try this sometime when you get home; play some music, make a short coffee, create a simple plan and give it a go. Feel the caffeine and music as it energize you. Appreciate how nice it is to have these luxuries. Appreciate how good it is that you can do this. Look back on all the good things that happened in the week, reflect and appreciate all good things while you are exercising. Enjoy!

Background Picture for Mobile Phone

My favorite school, Jao Island

6 July 2012.

Hi everybody! Many people have asked me for help on how to improve specific and general areas of their life. Health and how to lose weight are the common issues.

It’s easy to give good strategies; however after our session finishes, they would go back to their old lifestyle and motivation quickly fades. This is where our Smart Phones can really come into good use.


How to Lose Weight by using your Mobile Phone:

Let’s do something very simple and effective. Let’s use our background picture on the mobile phone to help us implement positive changes in our life.

Some people change their wallpapers on a regular basis. I personally have mine, a photograph when I was volunteering in the Philippines (Jao Island). Every time I see it, I’m reminded to be grateful for what I have, and to work harder (so I can earn more and send those guys some new books to start their library). However, sometimes I change my background picture. If I have a new tough habit to eliminate or start, I may simply use my phone’s background picture as a way to support that change. Sometimes, I even take a photograph of my new mind map or goals.

Recently, I had a client wrote a positive message on a piece of paper. It was something like, “I love eating healthy food and drinking lots of water“. Then she took a photograph of it, and set it as his phone’s wallpaper. Two weeks later, he said he had eaten healthier food and drank more water every single day!

motivational mobile background

My motivational mobile background

Please note as I’m a Licensed NLP Practitioner. I urge you not to write something like “stop eating so much” or “eat less fatty food” as our minds often misinterpret it as “eat so much” or “eat fatty food.” Another mistake can be “I’m quitting smoking” as this means I am smoking, and some time in the future, “I will try to quit.” We really need to keep messages positive. Or if negative, look for it’s antonym. “I love the feeling of breathing fresh air in my lungs, I feel so good now I am healthy.”

Once this message is set as our phone’s background, we will be reminded of it  frequently. Every time we look at it, the thought will go deeper and deeper into our mind. After 21 days (see my “21 Day Theory” blog) the message has become a solid habit. We can then change the background to implement a new message (i.e. I am confident) or habit (i.e. drink 2L of water everyday). Repeat the process of installing new positive strategies in our lives.

Following this simple technique with your phone is 100% free and easy. However, you can donate some money to a homeless charity if you like.

Not only a strategy for health but, for installing many new life changing habits easily.

Here is some advice I originally received from a healthy fitness fanatic friend. It’s really simple and will help you slim down. Are you ready for it? It’s not really hard and complex.

I wrote this around 2011 and just updated it! This is still very valid, I’m in my late 30’s, with 2 kids and the slimmest/fittest in my family tree including cousins. 


First thing in the morning, drink a glass of Ice/Chilled water. That’s it. Or perhaps a bit more. Repeat this every day.

iced waterWhy? Because it makes your inner body cold. Then your body burns energy to make it warm again. Drinking water in the morning will instantly hydrate you and improve blood circulation. Actually, there are different opinions on how helpful this is for removing toxins from your body. But this matter is discussed enough that I assume it is at least worth mentioning water consumption. Who does not want to appear better looking and in good health, right?

Throughout the day, drink cold water. Cold water converts fats to energy which assist in keeping you slim. Calories are burned when your body has to heat up the water to average body temperature. Your metabolism is increased by drinking cold water. Cold water is not only a good thirst quencher, but also a cool down aid, especially if you live in hot places or just normally perspire a lot. It’s best to drink some cold water when you feel all heated up and dehydrated after a heavy workout or an intense cardio session. It instantly helps bring down your body temperature.

An alternative for those ‘hoooked on soft drinks’ is simply carbonated or sparkling water. This is common in many parts of Europe. My dad was, for most of his life drinking all kinds of things but water! For him when he got into sparkling water it was a game-changer.

Note, when I was in the Army (7 Years).  I was trained and still believe that if you are dehydrated, warm water will be absorbed quicker; however, this is if you are dehydrated due to exhaustion.


UPDATE: 2019 I spent many years living in China. They may have a heart attack reading this. In TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, they preach drinking warm water. Even hot water. I believe the thinking here is conservation. To conserve energy and health. I now drink both warm and cold water. In winter or when kids have the flu, try: Slices of Ginger & Lemon with boiling water. After it cools down, add RAW honey. Raw is by far the best and if you put it in very hot water, it won’t be raw anymore, so let it cool down. Raw honey has loads of good stuff in it. In fact, I’ll often give kids a spoon with just a little honey to suck!


Now, this water drinking needs to become a habit.  To help make it a habit here is an article I wrote on 21 Day Theory. Give it a try and see if it changes your work lifestyle, made you slim down and overall health. It may create a difference for you as it did for me.  Let me know how good you feel!


 Now since fristly writing this, I’ve been trained under John Grinder, Creator of NLP and Tony Robbins, who was actually a student in John’s training back in the day. I look forward to training and continuing coaching others in using more NLP and ‘mindset’ techniques to rapidly improve their health (mind and body)! Feel free to connect for more and the latest!