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Building a booming blog takes a lot of work. Growing your blog into a money-making venture  can take you months or even years of full-time work. You may not have the time you need to invest to make your blog successful, or you may naturally want more success. Outsourcing some of your blog tasks may be the easy smart answer.Blog Writing


If you want to Start Outsourcing, we are here to help you. In 2013, we provide help for free. Later we may take our material offline or for members only.

Since reading ‘The 4 Hour Work Week’ in 2011, I have put on over 30 staff. I have fired or no longer use 25 of them. Many of them were simply using Facebook while logged on, or unable to fulfill roles adequately. I have learned a lot and share this information in my Outsourcing blogs.


Currently I have my staff doing about 80 hours per week. If not for me, for my they also work for my friends websites. My Outsourcing team have helped a lot of my friends create their personal and business web pages, manage their social media and sort their business email accounts. If you want to hire my team and we are good friends, it’s really possible. If you’re not a close friend, then perhaps my staff can help you with your needs; however you will have to pay them or provide donation for the time used.


Before you even begin to look for Outsourcing Staff we recommend the following procedure:


  • Make a list of all the tasks you have to do through out the week.

If the task is the kind of work you truly hate doing, or something really simple but time consuming, then it’s a possible  good candidate for outsourcing.

  • Look at tasks that are easy to outsource first.

The easiest are regular familiar tasks such as adding friends on social media, and sending birthday wishes. Most Virtual Staff have Facebook so its very easy for them to manage this task. Then you can go into compiling contact lists, and building new contacts. You can also outsource other simple tasks such as researching an item, creating accounts, becoming active in specific groups and the like.

  • Make some decisions.

Manage your list of tasks to outsource into urgent, short term and longer term categories. Once you’ve made a list of what you’d like to outsource, you’ll be able to tell just what you need like it was in the office set-up. Perhaps one Virtual Assistant would be enough but one VA and one Content Writer would be more appropriate.

  • Start your Search.

We have already shared information on individual roles and even included example job advertisements, it doesn’t get much simpler. You would probably start with a VA first, however sometimes it would also be easy exploring other options.

  • An even easier way.

You can even make it even easier by asking my staff to do the sorting for you. For a small commission they can take care of your recruitment for you. Philippines, India and China are covered by my dedicated staff.

We are also  in regular contact with a very experienced company which can take care of all your sourcing, interviewing in Philippines for a fee of $395 USD. Complete with guarantee.

WIth my Assistants we have a much better option, much cheaper of course. It will be guaranteed by my name and pride, which is just as good if not better. We currently are looking at ways of effectively finding, processing and training staff to work for clients at a high standard. We may soon be able to offer a complete service we’re you can easily hire Virtual Staff through us so we can guarantee the work and staff, for a much lower fee or rate than anything currently available on the market. We already havye a Lawyer, Accountant, Bank Account, and multiple staff working in Philippines and I will be there for the month of July 2013. 🙂



Outsourcing is a great way to save yourself time and to get results for your blog more quickly.

Do you Outsource tasks for your blog? Tell us what you outsource and how it helps you?

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