Free Myers Briggs Style Personality Test

Try the Free Myers Briggs Style Personality Test.

This is a very popular and well known Personality or Behavioral Assessment. It is often used not only for personal discovery but also by employers. There are large trends that show that people work better and easier when their working in positions that suit their personality style.

This assessment is also important for any partnerships, start-ups, joint ventures you may be working in or considering entering.

I spent a few months studying the basis of personality and wrote this shortened test myself as something to give you, that you can also give to your friends. When you complete the test, please feel free to share the test or your results on your social media.

Click here for the: 20 Question Myers Briggs Style Test

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Explanation of Free Myer’s Test

Option 1: This is a 30min talk about the test, actually breaking it down into its sections and getting an understanding for it. (I recorded This Audio session to help people so welcome to pass it along.)

Play the Audio below to listen “Adrian’s Audio Recording for Myers Briggs Style Personality Test

Option 2: My write up on the test and explanation:  Myers Briggs Type Tests Explanation

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If interested you can also use your Personality Assessment results with this Wealth Profile Diagram to help you identify a natural pathway to wealth.

The Wealth Profile uses the first two MBTI filters, Introvert/Extrovert and Intuitive/Sensory. For a full explanation contact me on Skype or email.

wealth profile diagram

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