Life for a FIFO or DIDO worker can be a challenge and most people don’t get it.

It’s not all Jetski’s, 4 Wheel Drives and trips to Bali. In fact, so many FIFO workers want out it’s incredible. Yet work pays the bills and the bills have mounted over the years. The divorce, suicide, depression and addiction rates for workers are at all times high and money or letting time pass won’t help the situation.

Some workers would clearly benefit from being able to have good discussions with someone that understands their situation but there are several problems right here.

Problem: When? Psychologists and the like are limited to business hours, Monday to Friday and the last person you want to talk to on your break is a psych. Or be sitting in a psych appointment, even worse, sitting there getting therapy or help with a relationship on the edge of collapse.

Problem: Who? Many Psych’s and the like can help today, but do they really get your problems? And if they are employed by your company, they have obligations to your company. No one wants to really talk the truth if it’s not safe!

Problem: Energy? A relationship on the edge, means the worker can’t have a proper break and they get drained. And when the worker returns to work, they are questioning,

  • Is the relationship strong enough? Is she/he being faithful/resentful/narcissistic at me?
  • Are my kids being messed up by me not being there?
  • I don’t seem to matter, will they be better off without me?
  • There’s got to be something better than this?

And then there is the other partner at home running everything! Running a household, managing bills, kids, and everything else but they are drained of energy and guess what? Life sucks for the person at home too! They have needs which probably are not being met! Then when the partner comes home from the mines, it doesn’t necessarily make the situation better. It just makes it different. Hence the couple can easily end up with both partners in a downward cycle.

But you know, divorce, burnout, writing yourself off, will not make things better. In fact, they often make things much worse. Suicide leaves a trail of trauma that will seriously screw up your kids. Divorce, or maybe even staying together may do the same thing.

To use a little metaphor, when sailing, turning sharply can make waves, takes a lot of effort and often doesn’t work, hence we want to continually make small changes. All we really need to do is change focus degree by degree and pretty soon the downward spiral slows down and starts to become an upward cycle.

Personally, since being young in North Queensland, I’ve watched plenty of mates and colleges join the mines. In the late 90’s I worked in a lab with my father and brother-in-law. Steven later worked in Ravenswood. Instead of the mines, I joined the Army where I was away for months at a time. And then up to 6-month stint’s deployed. I went through a divorce, alcoholism and a lot more. I’ve been diagnosed with Anxiety, PTSD, Depression and Alcoholism. To be brutally honest, I really messed up. I had the EQ of a rock at the bottom of a mine. Yet I got through and there is light on the other side. I went through psych’s, therapists, coaching, hypnosis and more. I learned countless ways to create rapid change with people. All you need is to turn up to sessions and commit to your own journey.

Today, I’ve trained about 100 coaches, some psychologists, therapists and counsellors in advanced techniques to create change fast. Not just change but train people’s mind to naturally take flexible path to change so even outside the sessions, positive change continues.

If you want to talk in TIMES that SUIT YOU. Even if it’s 6am on a Sunday, I promise, I’ll have a coach that can work with you according to YOUR SCHEDULE. All coaches/psych’s/therapist personally vetted.
For a couple, my ultimate suggestion would be both partners having individual sessions, one session each per week at alternating times so that every 3-4 days, this positive programming is put into the relationship. I cover this solution deeper in this Youtube video here: 



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