F.lux is a simple program you can install on your computers, Ipads, Iphones to help you sleep at night. By adjusting your computers brightness and contrast, or reducing Blue Light.

Generally we have our screens bright at day time. F.lux http://stereopsis.com/flux/ is a simple program for reducing the light at night time. It is small, easy, and can help you sleep. Particularly, if you use your gadgets prior to sleep.

According to research blue light should be avoided two hours before going to sleep. However it doesn’t harm to start a few hours earlier. It also helps relax your eyes.

I use this program myself, and I recommend you try it as well.


You can also try the opposite. Use a Blue Light, Go Light, or similar device to wake you up in the morning or help you if you are working on Night Shift. Be aware though, by doing this you are playing with your natural body clock which may have side effects.

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