How to get cheap air fares?

Flights on the Cheap

Book on-line. Almost all low cost carriers sell their lowest cost fares exclusively through their own website. These are  generally the cheapest way for the public to purchase tickets. Do you know the cheapest airline carriers?  If not, most of them are listed below for you. A lot of travel sites appear to offer discount fares which appear great at first. These sites generally don’t quote surcharges, taxes and other costs. These sites and agents often earn commissions from airlines which are how they make their money and stay in business. Go direct to the Airlines. Unless you have some special connections 😉

Don’t assume major carriers will not give discounts. Check the major carrier websites too. Major carriers often have more frequent flights and a higher capacity to fill. We most strongly recommend you to use This is the Google for Plane Tickets. With this site you can perform very broad searches such as:

‘Sydney’ to ‘Everywhere’ for the month of ‘June’.

This site is the most recommended. Be aware. There are still a few low cost carriers that are not listed in this site. The Majority of airlines around the world are listed making this the best starting point.




Low cost carriers & on-line services. Low cost carriers often impose (very) low baggage allowances. These can be as low as 10-15kg for one item only but some carriers offer generous allowances. Don’t assume & check the carriers’ rules before booking. They generally rigidly enforce excess allowances at check -in and require cash or credit card payment or they will refuse boarding. Don’t expect in-flight power sockets, music, video or magazines. Their website may have “on board” information that explains services that are available. Parents with small children should call the airline and ensure any special requirements are available prior to booking. Change of facilities may be simple or non-existent. Seating options may not be available or be very restrictive (i.e. bulkhead seats which offer no legroom). Many low cost carriers do not provide meals, water or in flight entertainment. Some sell these on-board, but not all. With security arrangements changing around the world do not assume you can bring food or water on board. Check their website carefully prior to booking. Some airlines permit pre-booking of upgrades for meals, baggage and other services at a discount at booking. Walk-up payment is often over-priced or the quantity is not available to meet demand. Be flexible and prepared prior to your flight. (Tip – Take tissues in case of low toilet paper supply) Seat allocation for low cost carriers is generally either pre-booked as a preference at the time of booking or is not available until check-in. Once again, check the airline website carefully and read the terms and conditions prior to providing credit card details. To obtain best seats, it is essential that you arrive as early as possible to the airport for check-in and seat allocation.

Low cost carriers: Some airlines offer budget flights from one continent to another.


jetstar    Air Transat    Jet Air Fly    Air Asia    air berlin

Iceland Air    Iceland Express    Point Afrique    Atlas BlueJazeera Airways

Condor AirlineEurofly Air Arabia


  • AirArabia- has cheap flights from the Middle East to South Asia, North Africa and Turkey.
  • AirAsia- X flies from Malaysia to Australia, China, Taiwan, India and used to fly European destinations at London-Stansted and Paris-Orly. Sadly AirAsia announced 12 Jan 2012 the cancellation of its European routes: Paris Orly, London Gatwick. AirAsia is currently flying from Kuala Lumpur to Saudi Arabia, hopefully their flights to Iran will resume soon.
  • AirBerlin- based in Germany, flies intercontinental to Asia, the Americas, and Africa
  • Air transat is a charter airline that flies from Canada to points in Europe, Florida and some Caribbean countries.
  • Atlas Blue low cost flights between North Africa and many European destinations including France, Spain, Italy and the UK.
  • Condor- based in Germany, flies to Europe and the Middle East, the Americas, Africa, and Asia.
  • Eurofly- operates flights between New York and various locations in Italy.
  • Icelandair- flies from Iceland to North America and Europe.
  • Iceland Express- flies from Iceland to Europe and to New York and Winnipeg in North America.
  • JetAirFly- flies from Europe to Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Dominican Rep., Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Tanzania, Kenya, Algeria, Jordan, Thailand,
  • Jetstar-is flying in East Asia and Australasia up to Hawaii
  • Jazeera Airways- is connecting airports in Middle East to North Africa, South East Europe and South Asia.
  • Point Afrique flies from France to Mali.


Hot Tip

1. As you visit these Cheap Airline companies, subscribe to their newsletters. This is a great way to be notified of new sales.

2. If you have time, regularly watching or paying attention to specific newsletters will help you identify patterns in their sales offers. Air Asia, for example will have a sale with the cheapest tickets running out quickly and the sale will continue with little tickets. When the sale ends, a new one generally starts within a week, and these may be for a later date. It is possible with a little luck, to buy discount tickets on almost all your flights, all the time (with prior notice)

Leave a suggestion! If enough people show interest here, we will set up a system for receiving all low cost carrier. Sales Offers and presenting them nice and easily for you. We can also for a small fee or donation, have our IT staff help you find the best flight.

If interested, please leave your comments and suggestions.


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