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International Travel & Fashion Blog

Peruvian Woman in Fashion Markets

Introducing Tammy’s Travel and Fashion Blog

I would like to introduce to you my friend Tammy. Tammy is one of the super travelers I meet occasionally around the world, so I’m sharing her story to all of you.  Tammy has lived in four countries.  Pre-dominantly in New York, where she works in the Fashion industry.  At the end of this year, Tammy will pass the 100+ Countries mark.  Visiting over 100 countries before reaching the age of 30 is quite extraordinary, not to mention that she is a SUPER COOL CHICK!

So this is Tammy’s travel and fashion blog where she talks about Travel and Fashion.  Check it out.

One thought on “International Travel & Fashion Blog

  1. Hi Tammy,

    Nice to know about your extra ordinary feat of visiting more than 100 countries before reaching an age of 30. Wishing you all the best.

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