Hi there, I’m Adrian Cahill, a Success Coach in Shanghai China.

I am originally from Australia. I met my wife Lin in New Zealand although she is actually from Kunming China. We are very happily married and have a baby girl called Joy. I’ve never been as happy as I am these days. However many years ago, things were quiet different. I’ve been down before, I’ve been depressed and through problems. Now, I help others recreate their lives and create their own Success.


Why Success Coaching? Or Peak Performance Coaching.

Success means different things for different people. Often at times, you may not be sure exactly what success means to you. Defining it, knowing the deeper you, understanding your key drivers and your personality traits, can give you a massive leading edge. Not to mention happiness and fulfillment.

And that’s what WE do, together, over a few enlightening conversations. Perhaps Coffee near your work, or at my office.

Generally we work together for 4 to 12 months with regular chats to ensure that you are shaping up to YOUR OWN DEFINITION of Success.

Success Coaching is something you can easily look into and take advantage of.





Life Coach in Shanghai


Success Coaching Shanghai China, Peak Performance Coach Shanghai.

Life Coach in Shanghai





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