What is NLP

What is NLP

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming):

A science, approach, attitude and methodology behind communication, personal development and success. 

To put it most simply, have you ever been at university and thinking, OMG this is so theoretical, when do we get to do stuff? Well one psychology student back in the 70’s had the same question. He also had another vital question.

We are we always studying what goes wrong in people. Why don’t we study what makes people great instead?

This student was involved in some research which was looking into the struggles of addiction. He applied the question here. Instead of studying those that are addicted, he studied the ones that quit. He went on to figure out the differences and then created formulas to help addicts. 

Fast forward to 1990’s and there I was, a young teenager studying wealth creation books. Learning how rich people got rich, and on finishing highschool I started investing in the Stock Market. All my friends bought cars. I saved, bought stocks, managed funds and investment properties.

This concept in NLP we call Modelling. Through Modelling a trail of techniques, strategies, beliefs were formed. Some even say NLP is an attitude. An attitude towards learning and sharing excellence. Some say NLP is the study of Excellence. 

Now the student (Richard Bandler) partnered with a teacher (John Grinder) and they went on, bringing more people into the studies. The original group studied many of the best coaches, psychotherapist, family counsellors, healer and more. One (Robert Dilts) later went on to study people like Mozart and Leonardo Da Vinci. So NLP studied the greats and created formulas that you and I can learn. 

Fast forward to 2010-2020 NLP is a key skill for Coaches, Therapists, Communicators, Public Speakers. 

NLP Coaching is used by high level executives, business people, and athletes to give them a major competitive advantage. NLP Coaching is for normal to smart people wanting to get more out of life, better results, or win. (Not to be confused with Psychology which is roughly focused on labelling what goes wrong and helping people be more normal).


NLP Program


Some more definitions and attributes:

  • NLP is a discipline that studies the connections between an individual’s ways of receiving information through the nervous system (Neuro = visual, auditory, touch, smell, taste), its ways of communication (Linguistic = pictures, sounds, feelings, smells, tastes, words) and its patterns of behavior or emotions (Programming = neurological pathways / maps of thought / outcomes).
  • NLP is an efficient approach in changing the way an individual thinks or acts toward someone or something and this can be utilized to achieve success in almost all aspects of life (personal, professional, family, business and finances, and almost everything). For example, we could look at the NLP strategies behind Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, Dali Lama (in fact this has already been done) and then we can utilize some of their strategies or tactics in our life. Everyone has a map inside their head.
  • NLP is also a system of discovering, modelling and installing those maps and models in others so they achieve the same or better results.
  • NLP is for the mind is like a mechanic for your car. As the mechanic has expertise and passion for the car system, a NLP practitioner has expertise and passion for the mind.
  • NLP is for any individual interested in personal development, learning or getting more out of life.


What is NLP

Sometimes, a picture says much more

NLP in Chinese

Interested in what I do with it? 


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