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What is NLP

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming):

A science, approach, attitude and methodology behind communication, personal development, success and psychotherapy.

Did I mention Psychotherapy? OMG!!!

Hang on wait a second. NLP can be used by Psychotherapist. However NLP Coaching or Coaching with NLP is has NOTHING TO DO WITH Psychotherapy or Psychologist. In fact its almost the opposite of what Psychologist do. They tend to focus on what went wrong with people. NLP Coaching is used by high level executives, business people, and athletes to give them a major competitive advantage. NLP Coaching is for normal to smart people wanting to get more out of life, better results, or win.

It does work with the mind in a very logical and positive sense. It sees people performing better and enabling them to have the behaivoural flexibility to put in 110% and relax afterwards with a sense of balance.

There are many descriptions, definitions and uses for NLP. In the coaching realm we utilize it to ensure you receive maximum results.

NLP Program

One cool thing we can we do with it:

We can look at some of the worlds greatest athletes, like Michael Jordan. We can break down some of their thought patterns or behavioral patterns. Then knowing these patterns, we can see strategies which have helped them achieve extra high levels of success. Now if you want to improve your basketball, rather than just watching Jordan on TV, we use NLP to pull out his success strategies, and put them into your game.

And we could do the same with Tim Ferris, Napoleon Hill, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, pretty much any one. That’s a NLP Tool we call Modeling.

Another cool thing we do:

Install strategies for gaining happiness, confidence, positivity, self-love, self-belief, self-discipline and more.

Infact NLP was created after extensive studies we done on very successful people. NLP has already broken down success patterns of many great thought leaders. They have even devised series of common attributes of highly successful people. Now 10 Year goals are not right for everyone. NLP Acknowledges that. Direction is good, however everyone has their own comfort and ideal time frames for setting goals. A good NLP Coach can give you a good personality reading, and help you set goals that are right and tailored for you.

Some more definitions and attributes:

  • NLP is a discipline that studies the connections between an individual’s ways of receiving information through the nervous system (Neuro = visual, auditory, touch, smell, taste), its ways of communication (Linguistic = pictures, sounds, feelings, smells, tastes, words) and its patterns of behavior or emotions (Programming = neurological pathways / maps of thought / outcomes).
  • NLP is an efficient approach in changing the way an individual thinks or acts toward someone or something and this can be utilized to achieve success in almost all aspects of life (personal, professional, family, business and finances, and almost everything). For example, we could look at the NLP strategies behind Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, Dali Lama (in fact this has already been done) and then we can utilize some of their strategies or tactics in our life. Everyone has a map inside their head.
  • NLP is also a system of discovering, modeling and installing those maps and models in others so they achieve the same or better results.
  • NLP is for the mind is like a mechanic for your car. As the mechanic has expertise and passion for the car system, a NLP practitioner has expertise and passion for the mind.
  • NLP is for any individual interested in personal development, learning or getting more out of life.


What is NLP

Sometimes, a picture says much more


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