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The best spirituality coach in China??

A master checklist by who some say, is the best spirituality coach in China:

And it went something like this. How many of these are you feeling or living 24/7? This is a very good checklist so perhaps consider diving into the content and ignoring who is the best spirituality coach and instead focusing, is there value here for you?

5 conflicts deepak chopra shadow work

  • You are at peace
  • You cannot be shaken from your centre
  • you have self-knowledge
  • you empathize without judgement
  • you see yourself as part of the whole
  • you are not in this world. the world is in you
  • your actions spontaneously benefit you
  • your desires manifest easily, without friction or struggle
  • you can perform intense action with detachment
  • you are not personally invested in any outcome
  • you know how to surrender
  • the reality of god is visible everywhere
  • the best possible time is the present

The best spirituality coach in China (well so they say) went on to talk about the 5 conflicts.

Although apologies, the last 2 are incomplete.

  • Safe and unsafe – Anxiety needs a external focus. the world will transform from a place of constant risk to the playground of the unexpected.
    Solution: Be established in your true self
  • Love and fear – To actually feel like you belong
    Solution: Align with love as a force within
  • Desire and necessity
    Solution: Choiceless awareness. The signs of choiceless awareness are:
    carefree, absence of guilt and self-judgement, experience a feeling of rightness, outside conditions don’t block you, other people cooperate without putting up resistance, your fruits of your actions are posit
  • Acceptance and rejection
  • The One and many

Although it was good and this insights were deep, the fact that this person said he was the best, or one of the best coaches on spirituality really made me go,

Gosh darn, these Americans…..

How does one claim to be the best spirituality coach in China or anywhere!

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