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A Little More Info On Coaching

A little more info on coaching:

Spending money on yourself is one of the best investments you can make provided you are likely to get a strong return. Investing in yourself, either with books, courses, or what ever, can actually be a form of procrastination. There fore I don’t believe it is THE BEST. It certainly can be, if it leads to results.

Good coaching should ideally give you a return at least 5 times the size of your investment.

Although it’s obviously hard to measure the value of being …… Fulfilled. Or satisfied with life…

There has been countless studies by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) showing the returns. The ICF is the worlds largest coaching body however many coaches are not part of it. In fact many ‘Coaches’ have had little to no specific Coach training.

Today and in future we are going to see more and more of what I call “experimental coaching”.

That is these mystery coaches with lots of ‘bling bling’,  ‘I’ll teach you to get rich quick’ coaches. But no accreditation.

Often you can recognise them by a Bali or beach side video, or photographs of them next to fancy cars or jets.

The challenges here are these guys may have some good answers but they often they have no solid track records of clients getting results. Largely due to lack of Coaching or Mentoring training.

Two take away points.

  1. Personal Development can be a great investment
  2. You want a Coach that can you results.


For a Coach that can get YOU results, look for the following 5:

  • NLP Qualified. A great coach is generally NLP trained.


  • ICF Certified Coaches. Only something like 10% of ‘Coaches’ are accredited with the worlds biggest coaching body, the International Coaching Federation. If they are accredited you should see ICF and one of the following 3 levels ACC, PCC, or MCC.


  • Ideally the coach should have a background or understanding in those things your striving for. Not a must but certainly helpful.


  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.


  • A track record of successful clients.  (Unless your happy to go with a new coach for a minimal fee)



A quick and simple sign for a good coach is it should be all about you. If you call up a coach, and he talks and talks, without listening deeply first, they may have not only missed the boat, but they be poorly or not trained at all.



But what about the money?

Seeking a coach is a great form investment in yourself yet most people don’t have the budget for it.


I’ll tell you who. They worlds top performers, athletes and executives do. Successful small, medium, big, business owners, CEO’s and partners often do.

But you probably don’t.

That’s ok, it’s not your fault.

Did you go to university? Do you know how much people spend on attending university. Often they can’t afford it, but they find a way.

After all, spending xxx,xxx on University plus x years studying. Suddenly investing in your own coach is something you can’t afford not to do.

You spent x years studying. X years working. Why not spend 1 year with a coach focused on working for you!



Cost of coaching?

Would you believe coaching can be for free?

It certainly can. I’m regularly training coaches and often I connect them to people that want to be coached, but can’t afford to work with me.

I’ve personally coached over 30 people for free and occasional coach people for exchange of service. You work for me doing xyz. Once that is all done, I’ll coach you on zyx.

The full service of coaching programs with me personally go up to $9,000. The lowest end is a a discovery or consultation. Many of my clients pay around $10 a day.

And then, much of the material contained in this website and my email campaigns is free.


My top 8, for everyone I work with (or care about):

NLP Coaching Build your mindset and motivation skills daily through creating small habits.

Improving your physical fitness and health in joyful ways. Use it as me time, de-stress time, or social time.

Reduce negative influences and habits incrementally.

Read 5 minutes a day or pick up a free meditation or motivation course, (I’ve got some you can start for free).

Build or reconnect with positive supportive friends. 

Spend a little more time doing things you love that are away from technology.

Contact those you love more often. Schedule it! Make it a priority.

If your religious, get back in touch with your roots, or do the next best thing, help someone in need.



I’m Adrian Cahill, I help people be there best. It’s part of the Domino Effect. To make the world a better place, I coach and work specifically with ambitious expats, future leaders and small business owners around the world over the phone/Skype/Wechat. Occasionally I work face to face, however phone is actually more effective as you will find out in just one session.

I can coach you to improve your financial standing, increase your ‘passive income’, freedom and all that. However my passion is helping you get out of your head and focus on the big picture. Where all human. We are in the 21st Century, we all have so much untapped potential to fuel positive change in the world.

Let’s do it.

A good coach is in some ways like a personal trainer for the mind, body, heart and soul.

mind_body_soul_heart painted