NLP course in Kunming China. Are you kidding?

Executive Coaching in Kunming, you must be kidding.

No! I am not!


My wife and her family are local and I’m visiting Kunming a lot so if your here and interested in NLP Coaching or any of this and your in Kunming just message me.

Schedule a casual chat here. Or, dive into you first full in depth coaching session here.



Neuro Linguistic Programming in Kunming:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is an approach to communication and thinking used to get better results from ourselves and the people around us. NLP is used by results and solution-focused coaches and consultants around the world to be more effective.NLP offers techniques, approaches and patterns that are used to reduce stress, improve relationships, enhance your personal charisma, learn faster and have the clarity, focus and awareness to make higher quality decisions. NLP makes high quality tacit knowledge explicit, accessible and transferable.

Coach Training in Kunming:

Master your potential; both personally and professionally! NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming was developed in the mid-seventies and is today the foundation of many of the more prominent and successful speakers, practitioners and authors of personal development. Developed by studying the thought processes of those who were considered exceptional communicators and highly effective therapists in the field of psychology and hypnotherapy, NLP is now considered “The Operating Manual of The Human Brain”. With its simple yet effective techniques, a person can remove limiting psychological and emotional patterns and replace them with thought processes that result in unlimited success and happiness.