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Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.

Tupac Shakur

This photo was a couple of years ago. Chiang Mai, North Thailand became my second home. I was living a Super Healthy lifestyle in every way. Following my passion for Martial Arts with Thai Kickboxing, Cooking Thai food twice a day, Learning Massage and speaking the basics of Thai Language. Money was not an issue. 1 hour of work a week made more Passive Income than my friends were making back in Australia and this was during a Global Financial Crisis.

To be honest, I can teach you how to do it financially like I did BUT it won’t work for you. You need a system that suits you. One that suits your Personality Style, and fulfills your deeper core needs.

You need to have your head in the right place and you need to believe.

I help you believe in yourself.

I’ll give you a helping hand, or a push, or an accountability check, perhaps all 3 at once.

For those that don’t know me, or want to know more, I have been a proven Lifestyle Entrepreneur for many years and I take great pleasure in helping others achieve their desired lifestyle too.

I use 3 systems to get people results.

  • Brute Force.

    Direction, desire, discipline. Cultivated from 7 years leading small team in the Military.

  • Coaching

    Certified by the International Coaching Federation. The conversations that facilitate change.

I love inspiring and helping others achieve their dreams.

With this site, I hope to give you the knowledge that will help you find your own ways to success. I most strongly suggest contacting me for a chat or complimentary trial. We can talk for 10 minutes or 50 minutes. If you like regular contact then we can proceed with a coaching product tailor made to suit your needs.

Or feel free to continue reading. Either way have a wonderful day.

Unlike some Online Bloggers or Marketers, I’ve actually focused on providing a lot of real free content. Check out some of the stuff posted around this site. There are several categories from Investing blogs, how to increase productivity with Outsourcing, how to triple your dating, how to stay fit on the move and much more. Surely you can feel good, look good and do good after taking advice from our blogs.

I would love to post my TEDx video here, BUT unfortunately mistakes happen and there isn’t a good recording available. This however is my first TEDx at SJTU China, and this is my second TEDx at Suzhou China.

2014 Interview on the Limitless Laowai Podcast:

I’m motivated to see you succeed!

My dream is to enhance the true potential in others until we are surrounded by people that are all achieving our dreams.