Want to be a NLP Coach, or simply learn NLP in China, you’ve found the right place.

Adrian here, the most passionate NLP enthusiast in China since….. my past trainer and coach, founder of the China Society for NLP left around 2015!

While there are now thousands of NLP Trainers around the world, only a very small percentage go and train with the best in the world. I’m one of a small handful that has and will continue to fly to new international destinations every year to learn from the worlds best so you get phenomenal skills and results that last.

There are always going to be shorter, cheaper courses, however I trust as an expat in China, your aware of smoke and mirrors. Take the time to find the trainers that work with other trainers, that train with creators, that have a bare minimum 5-10yrs experience.



Learn the skills to be a Life and NLP Coach in China





Learn to be a NLP Coach in China, or a NLP Practitioner  with our Motivate Community.

We’ve been holding NLP and Coach training in China since around 2014. It started with China NLP Society, I hired the chairman as my coach, later did his training and the whole time we would conduct training at the ‘Motivate Shanghai home’ or at hotels in Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou or Hongkong. The chairman of the China NLP Society moved on and well, I was so hooked on NLP I continued coaching in Shanghai and doing all these workshops. Motivate Shanghai (we called it) did HUNDREDS of workshops and we did these weekend trainings in Coaching/NLP for like 500-5000RMB. Bigger trainings like 7-14 days were more like 14,000-28,000RMB but we would give out some free tickets for those that could film, help out

Fast forward, I trained under all the chairman’s trainers, flew around the world gradually learning from the very best, set up www.balinlp.com and had like 5 semi-famous trainers meeting in Bali to train and suddenly Covid hit!!! Fortunatly, we pulled it off as it was all starting but many participants had major challenges getting home! Crazily enough, one of our trainers is a Chinese Doctor, Kevin Liang (he has incredible hypnosis training in Mandarin and lectures at universities around Asia on medical hypnosis). So we went online and still today, we deliver paramount NLP Training to our friends in Shanghai and China via zoom!

Looking forward to getting back to Bali though!


WIth all our events, YOU CAN EXPECT to really connect with others and yourself. To grow. Also to give to the support and growth of others.

Learn to be a Life and NLP Coach in China now with zoom, and we might just throw in some free tickets or discount when we get back to Bali.

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Author: I’m Adrian Cahill, I started studying NLP around 2008 and ‘Life Coaching’ with an Australian Coaching Institution in 2014. The NLP Skills were great, however the Coaching skills and system, enabled me to turn my passion into a self employed business/practice.   For those who know about Cashflow Quadrant, this isn’t the best way to make money. I won’t lie. Setting yourself up AS A COACH is not a good path for financial wealth. Learn to be a Life and NLP Coach in China will teach you how to be awesome with these subjects and you may get immense gratification from helping others. To make financial abundance from the topic, you would need to join our business mastermind group or focus on a better business model. Lets talk about that face to face later though. Currently trained under both Creators of NLP, and numerous co-creators. My passion, growing www.motivatecommunity.com and www.balinlp.com  both are collaborations with other NLP Trainers that I’ve met while ‘sharpening the axe’ with the best in the industry.



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