Learn the skills to be a Life and NLP Coach in China



Do we need to say anything? The picture says it all!

Perhaps just that we will be using ICF (International Coaching Federation) Standards and definitions.

Firstly we will learn what coaching is and isn’t.

Secondly, learn some of the keys to coaching which can you can apply if your coaching/helping/guiding friends. Basic Coaching Methodology

Thirdly, getting into it. Guided practice session.

Brain storm, share ideas. Get back into it with new wisdom.

This event is one where YOU CAN EXPECT to really connect with others and yourself. To grow. Also to give to the support and growth of others.

Learn to be a Life and NLP Coach in China now. If you can’t join this exact workshop, join our mailing list or contact us for more info.


I’m Adrian Cahill, I started studying NLP around 2008 and ‘Life Coaching’ with an Australian Coaching Institution in 2014. The NLP Skills were great, however the Coaching skills and system, enabled me to turn my passion into a self employed business/practice.   For those who know about Cashflow Quadrant, this isn’t the best way to make money. I won’t lie. Setting yourself up AS A COACH is not a good path for financial wealth. Learn to be a Life and NLP Coach in China will teach you how to be awesome with these subjects and you may get immense gratification from helping others. To make financial abundance from the topic, you would need to join our business mastermind group or focus on a better business model. Lets talk about that face to face later though.



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