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Townsville Coach and Investor

Hi there, I’m Adrian, a Investor and Coach. I help a lot of people with Investment or Wealth Coaching. Financial Coaching.

As a trained and recognised Coach playing on the International field I take great pride in helping people earn the financial freedom they deserve. It’s easy and will make more sense soon. I did well, then I learned how to help others do better then me.

Happy to take your call, short message or email.


Bit of background info, I actually wrote this back in 2013:

I started investing in the Australian Share Market (Stock Market as they call it in the US) in 1999. I was 18 years old and did alright. For a young fella working in Factories and later fast food. I realised that investing was the way to wealth. Did you ever have a dream to be a millionaire. As Tupac Shakur said,

“Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.”

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My first properties

Pretty quickly I realised to be wealthy, I needed bigger investments and to get them I needed a higher paying job. I believed, ‘You need money to make money’.

That’s what you need to be wealthy right, a high paying job……..

From the books, I realised property was the way to go. Shares could help me, and would be a great place to earn but from what I was reading I needed to start burrowing bulk cash to invest in property. It started with one Townhouse, sorry two, no make that two townhouses and a third large standalone house. (2 storey with views in Alpine Crescent Mt Lousisa). By 26 I was set.

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Things happen in life. I lost a lot of my equity to poor mental/emotional health.

Divorce. High stress. Friends committing suicide. Anxiety. PTSD. More stress. East Timor, Afghanistan. And none of that is in the right order. Was like a cocktail of messed up events in a Nutrabullet.

It’s amazing how life can slap you in the face sometimes.


Turns out the biggest thing missing in my life was love.

Loving my self.


Change Happens, Growth is Optional…

Choose Wisely.



Despite the challenges, I’ve managed to pull off 3 TEDx appearances. Traveling to some 70 countries. Buying more property. Becoming one of the only accredited ICF Coaches in North Queensland. And one of the only accredited coaches in Australia that truly understands the difference between wealthy mindset and poor mindset. How to become more wealthy or gain a wealthy mindset in Townsville or Queensland? Easy. Reach out and call me.


Have you had or do you have a real person to call on, consult with, to support you on your investing journey. As all the experts and successful people say, “It’s the mindset that makes the difference”.


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If you’re serious about your investments, and surely you are. And if you are not as happy as you think you should be. Take the action you need. Feel free to call or email for a consultation or checkup.


Take action. Call for a checkup today. It could be the most logical and rewarding thing you will do this year.



Kind Regards,

Adrian Cahill

02 80113118