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How to hire a coach: And the $$$ Questions

How to hire a coach may seem simple but it’s often not. So this is an article for those looking at hiring me or any coach. Here I will share how to hire a coach, and valuable insights. Really upfront and honest is my favourite approach to most things in life. 

Spending money on yourself is one of the best investments you can make provided you are likely to get a good return. Investing in books or online courses can be great investments if you action what you read and really implement it. Although people are often telling me reading or online courses rarely get them long term results. Often people suffer procrastination and fear of actually pursuing big goals, therefore for those people, buying more literature can be another form of procrastination. A way to keep busy, keeping up the appearance of progress meanwhile avoiding the tough questions we often need to ask ourselves.

Sometimes it’s like reading 10 books on surfing without entering the water.

Going out into the surf will result in crashing. It will be full of falls and splashes. But when you catch yourself in the moment of full presence, alive, on the ride, there is nothing else but you connected. A surf coach can get you surfing in a fraction of time, with more success, better techniques and strategies to be excellent. Everyone knows, one would be considered mad to expect excellent results without one. 

There are various types of coaching and just briefly, I see life coaching as the basis. The most abstract. Business, Executive, Relationship, Leadership Coaches as those focusing in on the specifics. In my opinion, one should start abstract, grasp a solid big picture, build a solid foundation, then focus in on the specifics in a logical highly effective sequence. It’s pointless focusing on a relationship, business or role that doesn’t fit with your values or lead to your mid-long term objectives.  


How to hire a coach: ROI, Return On Investment?

Good coaching should ideally give you a return at least 5 times the size of your investment. Just as surfing lessons initially cost, but save you tons of time (and potentially save you from getting dumped hard on a shallow reef and breaking your back). 

It’s obviously hard to measure the value of being …… Fulfilled. Or satisfied with life…

There have been countless studies by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) showing the returns. One client of mine went from a break-up in a mismatched relationship to getting engaged with a great match in 6 months. Another recently made his first million. Many have changed jobs/careers. Some have saved their relationship. One is about to take list their company on the stock market. 


How to hire a coach: Do people regret coaching? Eleminate the fake.

Honestly, I think some do. I hear this a lot and 95% of the time the coaches were not accredited. The ICF is the worlds largest coaching body, however, anyone can call themselves a coach or author, motivational speaker, CEO, founder etc. My 3-year-old daughter can claim all those titles whenever she comes back from daycare.

Many self-proclaimed coaches, guru’s, experts have had little to no specific training. To me, these many of these untrained coaches are like washed up surf bums selling themselves at the tourist carpark pretending they are pro’s. Often you can recognise them by a Bali or beachside video. Then every time a Ferrari turns up these so-called experts line up to take selfies next to it…..

If you are approached by them, simply ask to see their Linkedin profile and ICF Accreditation (My Linkedin profile is here). 

 How to hire a coach in china


How to hire a coach: What to look for? 

  • Training. A great coach is often trained in NLP. They should have a Practitioner, Master Practitioner or NLP Trainers Certificate.  This is a core set of skills which lead to accelerated results. (Tony Robbins is a high-level expert in NLP, note he also sells some of the cheapest training available online however his certifications are not really valued much outside of his fan base) 


  • ICF (International Coaching Federation) Accreditation. ICF is the worlds biggest coaching body. There are many cheap online courses and books available on coaching but to get the ICF credential is quite some work. There is strict credentialing procedures so few make it all the way. If Coaches make it through you will see them using the ICF logo and one of the following 3 levels ACC, PCC, or MCC. Please note there is also the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) which is the European equivalent, only applicable for coaches focused on or with Europeans. I personally went out and got this as maybe half of my online clients are European and I look forward to running training in Europe towards 2020. 


  • Ideally, the coach should have a background or understanding in those things you’re striving for. They do not need experience in your industry. That could be a roadblock. What is optimal is if they have helped support others through the challenges you are faced with. 


  • Money Back Guarantee. I often offer a money back guarantee on the condition that the person being coached, turns up. No turning up, no refund. Often clients may struggle and it wouldn’t be fair to offer a such a simple way out. Imagine if gyms did this! Therefore my money back guarantee is simply based on the client turning up regularly. No one gets results going to the gym once a month. Subscribe to a set of sessions, turn up weekly or fortnightly, results guaranteed. 


  • A track record of successful clients.  This track record should be open and publicly displayed on Linkedin. Yes I’m sure there are some good coaches without Linkedin but really, is your serious about what you do your profile should reflect it. Please note, it’s common for many people to play the fake it game. Hence why I always encourage Linkedin. Also note, many new coaches can and will work happily for a low fee to gain experience and develop.


A final quick and simple sign for a good coach or a good doctor for that matter, the first call is substantial. 


How to hire a coach in china


How to hire a coach: But I don’t have a budget.

Seeking a coach is a great form investment in yourself yet most people don’t have the budget for it.


I’ll tell you who. They worlds top performers, athletes and executives do. Successful small, medium, big, business owners, CEO’s and partners often do.

But you probably don’t.

That’s ok, it’s not your fault.

Did you go to university? Do you know how much people spend on attending university? Often they can’t afford it, but they find a way.

After all, spending xxx,xxx on University plus x years studying. Suddenly investing in your own coach is something you can’t afford not to do.

You spent x years studying. X years working. Why not spend 1 year with a coach focused on working for you!

Can you really afford NOT TO BE WORKING ON YOUR IMPROVING YOUR OWN LIFE. Instead of ‘How to hire a coach’, perhaps it should have been called ‘How can you not have a coach’. 



How to hire a coach: My costs as at November 2017.

For an ICF PCC level coach with Masters in NLP, the standard company rate in China varies from ¥3000-6000 per hour. For most of my clients this is simply too much so I have highest to lowest cost below.  

My preferred way of working is ¥88,000 or $13,888 USD for a full year. This covers EVERYTHING for the year including calls to my team! My Relationships Coach and Mindfulness Coach will be available for you. A headset to monitor and train your self to go to deep levels of powerful meditation in between (and sometimes during) our sessions will be sent to your home upon starting. This option guarantees long term change. If you use the headset and train at least an hour a week I will completely back pathway with a money back guarantee. This coaching option is by application only. To be eligible, one should be earning over ¥40,000 a month or a founder of a business with more than 4 employees.

Individual Coaching/Mentoring Strategy Sessions are available for purchase for ¥2,000 a session 
If purchasing 3 or more sessions, a discount of 10-30% is available. 
If purchasing 8 or more sessions, a discount of  20-50% is available.

Discount to be discussed. 

For those earning under ¥25,000 per month, or limited savings, I have trainee coaches, mindfulness coaches and psychologist that may be available to assist. (I’ve personally also coached for an exchange of services, for example, I coached an electrical company in my hometown and they did electrical work for one of my properties). So please just let me know what may work for you. Everyone can grow with a coach. 


To schedule a virtual chat to discuss pathways, please click here: www.calendly.com/adriancahill/virtualcoffee

For booking strategy sessions (upto 90 minutes), please click here: www.calendly.com/adriancahill/strategysession 

How to hire a coach in china


My top 8, for everyone I work with (or care about):

How to hire a coach in China Build your mindset and motivation skills daily through creating small habits. Constant small improvements are the key. 

Improving your physical fitness and health in joyful ways. Use it as me time, de-stress time, or social time. Running/swimming clubs have multiple advantages and remember men often need extra testosterone building activities such as competing or weights, while women need estrogen building activities such as collaborating. 

Reduce negative influences and habits incrementally.

Read at least 5 minutes a day. Reading a little every day can help you learn and put to practice far more than reading for hours in one day. (Notice if you read for over an hour you can barely recall more than 5-9 key points. Our brains don’t handle more than 5-9 points of chunks of information, it has to drop one to pick up more)

Build or reconnect with positive supportive friends. Schedule a time to call them if you think of them late at night and make it a high priority when that time comes. 

Spend a little more time doing things you love that are away from technology. Nature is wise. It’s outlived every animal species on earth. You can learn a lot meditating or walking in nature. 

Contact those you love more often. Enquire about their model of the world. For example, when you were young, what did you think about money? What did you value in your life? Where do you think those values came from? How did you know you were doing the right thing… Etc. I do this with my parents often. It’s important and we don’t judge them. It really gives me insight, develops my listening and nonjudgemental skills. It also helps raise our relationship and my self-awareness to higher levels.

If your religious, get back in touch with your roots. If not, spend more time breathing. Consider giving more away to those in need. Various religious text mention giving away 10% or spending 10% on your own development. How much have you given away or spent developing your self recently?

How to hire a coach in China

Ok, thank you for reading all this “How to hire a coach” article. Thank you for considering your coaching/mentoring pathways. I firmly believe everyone should have a coach. It is good for the mind, body, heart and soul. Don’t skimp or miss out. 

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    Hey I love that you are so upfront and open about your costs. I hear a lot of positive comments about you from other coaches in Shanghai. Hope we meet face to face soon! Hire a coach if your thinking about it. If unsure start small. You will learn and grow a ton.

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