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Your Half Day In-Depth Package can include:


  • ONE ON ONE CONSULTATION over Skype, phone or face to face. Up to 4 hours broken up with lunch/tea/coffee. This is effectively a BIG Change/Growth Opporutunity. You may request for PSYCH-K change belief technology to change deep seated beliefs such as, “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t believe I’m worthy of my goals”. You could eliminate major money or relationship blockages. You could understand yourself like you never have before. 

“Have your consultation with one of the very few experienced NLP Master Practitioners and ICF Professional Certified Coaches in Australia/China.”


  • Your Myers Briggs and Wealth Creation Assessments explained. Value $295USD.

“Understand your personality, and your natural strengths.”


  • Focused session and guide to: Improving Social Confidence. NLP / PSYCH-K applied to your Social Beliefs.

“6 step program to boost your confidence dramatically.”


  • Focused session and guide to: Steps to Success program

“The system that anyone can follow to achieve more success”


  • Focused session for financial freedom. financial freedom starts with freedom from poor money beliefs. Includes introduction to: ‘Personal Finance Trial Balance’ and having NLP / PSYCH-K applied to your money blue print.

“A simple to follow system for measuring and tracking your net wealth”



Your Half Day In-Depth Package should focus on the biggest issues you are currently facing. The ones keeping you awake at night. This will change your life.


How much money have you earned in the last 6 months?

How much money have you earned in the last 2 years?

If you were just 10- 15% more efficient in your profession what would that be worth?

If you were waking up full of energy, in a loving relationship, loving yourself and your life. What would that be worth?


This half day has the potential to transform key parts of your life. If you know what area the weakness are, if we can pinpoint the beliefs that need to be changed or the insights that need to be had, it can be like flicking on a light switch in a cave. Numerous clients have changed their world in the first 90minutes of a session with me not only do I know this for a fact, it happened to me too back in 2012. Hence why I’m so passionate about transformation.



Buy today, you will be able to schedule your appointment soon, and you can also choose to receive any of the following bonuses I’ve created over the years.


Optional Bonus:

“What if, we were to take what was excellent out of the most excellent people in the world, study that excellence, and make that excellence available to you? It’s possible and this is how”

One month complimentary trial of our NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) online training program.


Optional Bonus:
“For the single men, or guys coming out of relationship breakups, this bonus is a secret recipe to MULTIPLY your dating success.”

The Secret Frames for Dating, a short report and audio interview about the leading mind set that will ultimately triple your dating success. I attended a dating summit and had more success than 80% of their teachers. But, I don’t want to be known or be a dating expert as their is so much more to life. Still, if you are a single man, this knowledge here can rock your world!


Optional Bonus:

“Can you imagine where you will be in 10 years time? This activity will take even the most unimaginative person and have them creating their ideal day in minutes.”

Your Ideal Day Exercise. Planner and audio track which acts as a mild guided meditation.


Optional Bonus:

“For those looking to start their own business or turn their hobby into passive cash flow.”

Your full copy of the ‘Outsourcing Guide Book’ everything you need to start Outsourcing.  (2017 Update, book is in process of being updated with a online expert updating chapters)



So much value. You may buy your Half Day In-Depth Package now for $699AUD today.

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I do offer discounts for those that are serious but unable to allocate the funds now. I’m very compromising with time and financial issues.


If you would like to work together long term, we can look at ways that you can progress effectively within your budget and in relation to your goals. Personal Coaching can be as low as $10 a day. Turning your life around is within your reach. Start here with this in Half Day in Depth Package.