Hi there Congratulations for finding my rare and value packed NLP Coaching Short Course:

Design Your Life

This course is all about YOU.

Imagine if you could feel the richness of love and passion in your heart of knowing exactly what you purpose or mission was in life, while at the same time knowing you have the knowledge, skill and personal mastery needed to make it happen. That is exactly what you will get during the extraordinary multi-day experience that is Design Your Life.

This is something you Can REALLY Grow from to help you Gain the Respect, Certainty, or Clarity you that you desire.
Seats are always limited to a maximum of 6 participants.

(This picture was just sent in by one of our members Summer, thank you very much! Its the Conscious mind on top, sub or unconscious mind below and what we do is align them or make them work together)


Quiet often we are so fixed on the top of the iceberg. We worry about external conditions and hope the wind will blow us where we want to go. Yet it’s the underlying currents, the Unconscious that really control us.


Thursday 17th July, 7.30-9.30pm. Setting Intention.
Saturday 19th July, 10-4pm. The Magic.
Thursday 24th July 7.30-9.30pm. Calibration.
You may also be entitled to two private one on one sessions before and after the event if your RSVP and payment is received in advance.
Note: As this will be repeated in other cities, the key is to have some time to clarify what we want. 2-3 days later do the Magic. And a few days later, test and adjust.

Total time is about 10 hours of Training and as the class is so small, it’s a lot of you time.


Day 1. Thursday 17th July, 7.30-9.30pm
Setting Intention: What to grow.

For a lot of people traditional goal setting doesn’t work. We recognize and respect that. Here you can learn strategies that can work for YOU.

One Size does not fit all. We will cover multiple techniques for Goal Setting or simply clarifying our direction.
You will be encouraged to set goals for your training and you may set further goals if inspired.


Day 2. Saturday 19th July, 10-4pm
The Magic: Planting the Seeds.

An introduction to the NLP experience. Fully embracing your Goal/Direction. Realizing and feeling your purpose and what its like to be aligned.

Be excited to experiencing timeline and NLP techniques to boost your confidence and clarity.
Breaking down and learning some of the Magic.
As well as Maximizing your influence and respect with others through advanced language skills.


Day 3. Thursday 24th July 7.30-9.30pm
Calibration:  Watering the Seedlings.

Some people say knowledge is the key but how often have you learned a good skill and not put it to use?
Applied knowledge could we be that key. Here we come back again to ensure the work we have done has enough nutrients. If everything is great. We may cover some new material (I would love to cover identifying your ideal partners to Synergise with) or re-install new or perhaps take out/remove limiting beliefs and the like.
Private Sessions may be conducted.


Your Investment:

This is over 10 hours of skilled training, with two private one on one sessions. That is over 4000 RMB Value.
I am creating a new booklet and coaching package so we are able to give this course for a special price of just 2000RMB if paid by 10 days in Advance.
Note: Similar training events are commonly run at 4,000rmb and give it all in one day! We have spread this over 3 session to which ultimately help you get the results you came for.
Also note some things are uncoachable. NLP can’t do EVERYTHING.


Technical aspects:

Technical aspects covered in this training may include but are not limited to:
The Basis of Personality, Personality Assessment Tools (MYBT & DiSC), Fundamentals of NLP, Meta-Programs, Anchors, OIC, Goal Setting, SMART RACE, Time Lines, Perceptual Positions.



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