Q. Is coaching worth it?

A. Is your future worth it? Seriously. If you want to increase the quality of your present and future it certainly is. To be really worth it, you need to consider the ROI Return on Investment. Typically, my clients find themselves earning at least 20% more within 12months. Many have found themselves promoted. What is a 20% increase in your take-home pay worth for 1 year? After this year most clients continue growing their take-home pay so this figure is a minimum return each year. 

Occasionally clients have breakthroughs in a session which has saved them thousands of dollars each year. One of my last clients, a CFO in Shanghai went from single to married within 6 months of coaching. It is a bit hard to put a price on that. 

Right now I am helping another client save his marriage. He has 3 investment properties, a business and a child. If he divorces he will lose over half his assets and future earnings for a number of years. With Coaching, they are working it out.  

It’s never a matter of money, it’s a matter of priorities. There are ‘go getters’ in this world, and there are ‘talkers’. ‘Go getters’ hire me. FAQ | NLPCoaching 


Q. Is there a guarantee?

A. Some courses and coaches offer a money back guarantees but they tie it to conditions such as, you need to have followed all the steps in the program. It is proven that most people simply won’t do all the steps, therefore, your guarantee is very unlikely in these cases. Depending on the product you buy today, I may offer either an unconditional guarantee or a conditional guarantee. My conditions can be as simple as you turning up for your sessions. It can be on the condition that you take at least one action step each week. 


Q. But I want to work face to face?

A. Great. Face to face is optimum for therapy and counselling. For a modern coaching relationship, it is not ideal. What is better: Results. Quick response. Being able to get into the challenges quickly. Meeting face to face slows everything down. However, it is better if you need a hug. I prefer you get a promotion or make substantial gains in your life instead of needing hugs.  



Q. What is NLP?

What is NLP

One of the best diagrams explaining NLP

The Diagram says it best. However for more information try this blog, or look at Anthony Robbins. One of the worlds most well-known motivators.


Q. Investment or cost?

A. If paying in advance discounts apply. For NGO’s, Startups, Social Enterprise a discount may also apply.


Q. Payment methods?

A. All major payment methods and reciepts available. 


Q. Group Business Coaching Sessions?

A. Yes I am looking into how to start Group Business Coaching Sessions, which is essentially business and performance coaching. If you are interested in any forms of coaching I do not publicly offer, just ask as I often assist other coaches with their programs.  Group Session 

In 2013 I started a Meetup group in Shanghai and they have now had over 200 group sessions and public workshops. Around 2012 I started one in Hong Kong as I was speaking there however…. I feel in love with Shanghai. 

Click here for our Meetup Group


Q. Public speaking?

A. I am available for Public Speaking. For University students and similar student groups, it will be my honor to serve. Hopefully my last TEDx talk will be online soon.



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