As a former soldier and international coach, my biggest passion in life is helping and empowering change makers.

As a soldier, I lead a team into East Timor (2006) and Afghanistan (2008). I was so happy to be leading the team in this challenging environment. The overall mission was working with empowering and upskilling the local communities so they could lead themselves into a better future.

From 2009 I was completely financially free to roam the world and did so while listening to NLP, Meditations and learning from people in over 70 countries. In 2012 it was time to get focused on my next mission. I hired my first coach. Within months I was on the TEDx stage. Talking about pursuing dreams and living a life of passion. I had been living my dream of complete social, emotional, intellectual and financial freedom. Just before the actual event, I also had a breakthrough. I had my first full coaching arrangement. $600 USD for 6 sessions. Honestly, I owe most of it to my training and my Coach. A year later and he still helped me convert interested guys, into clients. And I converted them from dreamers to action takers.

From there, 100+ Clients. Average engagement, 8 sessions. ICF ACC (PCC Pending). My mission since 2006 is to support and help game changers reach higher levels of ability and performance sooner, so they can lead change in their environments.

In 2017 I will be working with a small handful of coaches for 3 – 6 months time to ensure they start earning from their coaching. If they have had their first paying clients, it may be doubling the ease in which they engage with clients.

These coaches must be enrolled, or have completed at least 7 days personal development training in some form.

The coaching engagements will be fortnightly sessions focused on:

  1. Having the coach successful remove and able to remove their own road blocks.
  2. Ensure the coach can take a client through a process to remove a road block.
  3. Having coaches competent, fluent and able to lead a conversation through Neurological Levels.
  4. Ensuring coaches have a clearly identified target market and at least two avatars.
  5. Ensuring coaches have a funnel and at least two effective advertisements suitable for Facebook or Wechat.
  6. Ensuring coach is happy with a personalized approach to creating coaching engagements.
  7. Setting up coach with a CRM and basic automation tools.
  8. Having clients aware and measuring coaching hours (100+ required for first level with ICF).
  9. Ensuring coaches are well versed on the structure of beliefs. (Far beyond ‘busting limiting beliefs).
  10. Identifying and changing coaches money beliefs (Using PSYCH-K or Sleight of Mouth).
  11. Ensuring coach can lead clients into desired states, clean history and move forward with their lives.
  12. What ever is required to get the coach their first paying clients. (Or double the ease in which they earn coaching engagements).


Coaching starts where YOU are right now.

Coaching finishes when all 12 points are complete.




Please note:

  • This is currently and will probably not be recognised by the ICF, however I am a Regional Development Leader for the ICF and can advise on these aspects.
  • This is not considered NLP training, however you will be trained in some of the most important NLP skills a professional coach can have.
  • Priority coaching time goes towards clients that have paid ahead. Pay by session coaching is largely ineffective.
  • Supported by a 100% Money Back Guarantee. The systems will work if you do them. The guarantee does not cover you if you act in fear. For full time coaches, you will earn your money back within 90 days of finishing the coaching program. This time frame will be extended for part-time or casual coaches.